Activities for U11 players

Under 11s is a year of consolidation for most players.

Some unions will introduce some form of kicking (Kick to target) and there may be a contested strike in the scrums. However the majority of the game will be unchanged in terms of new skills.

Your approach should be to keep working on the core skills of handling, tackling and contact, which all include footwork skills.

Though you might employ some tactics, the underlying themes should be:

  • Excellent ball presentation skills to allow quick ball from the rucks. Try Ruck placement

In defence, it is better to play games to work on line organisation.

Ideally you will have a good line at every opportunity. Defence drills rarely work at this age though. It’s better to make the situations game-like.

Also, avoid allocating positions. You will find players will naturally graduate to some positions, which is fine. Instead, concentrate on all the players being able to pass, ruck and tackle.

Finally, as emphasised in the Under 10s, practise good body positions going into contact. Don’t spend any time on “mauling” if your union rules allows mauling. Once a player is caught in a maul, there’s not much chance of either quick ball or even getting the ball back in some cases. Leave mauling to when there’s lineout lifting.

Topping the tackle

in Rugby drills, Tackling

A defender who finishes on top of the tackle is a valuable asset, because he’ll be quicker to join the next phase of the game. Help players learn the skill and understand the benefits with this activity. MORE

Obstacle course-1

Obstacle course

in Fun rugby games, Small-sided games

Sometimes players will arrive to support an attack at different times. This game delays support by making players perform tasks, pick up a loose ball then use arriving team mates to beat defenders. MORE

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