Defend as units

U11–U12 | DEFENCE 7

Get your players used to defending 1v1 and also as part of a group

  1. Mark out a 10m square area with a 1m square box in the middle. Put a pair of attackers on one side of the area and a pair of defenders on the opposite side, and put a ball in the 1m box.
  2. When you say “go”, both pairs come forward. One attacker goes to the ball and crouches over it. The other attacker goes to one side. One defender stands outside the box opposite the ball carrier, and the other marks the other attacker. At this point, the defenders must stay on their side of the box.
  3. The attacker over the ball can either pick and go himself OR pass to his team mate. The attackers’ aim is to score by going over the line at the far side of the area.

Defend as units-1

  1. Once the attacker touches the ball, the game is live and the defenders can advance past the box and try to prevent the attackers from scoring.

Defend as units-2

  1. Develop by adding another player to each group.

Defend as units 3

You will need

  • A 10m square area containing a 1m square box
  • 1 ball
  • Cones
  • Bibs

Got more players?

Set up another area alongside and run two games simultaneously.

What to tell your players

“Call to say who you are marking”
“Come forward in defence but stay balanced and be ready to move to the side”

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