01/13/2019 | Tackling

Tackle, change feet

Develop good footwork in the last few steps before the tackle. First, to power into a tackle situation, and then to adjust as the tackle target moves either to the left or the right. This activity uses low-impact outcomes with tackle tubes to focus on the technical aspects of the skill. MORE

Mini tag

11/13/2018 | Email Newsletters

Four fun games for mini tag (and older players...

Need to inject some new ideas in training. Sometimes the old games have run their course. Well, for the time being anyway. Here are some fun games which are quick to set-up and, with few rules, give the players new challenges. Though they are primarily aimed at mini-tag, you can easily adapt them for older players. I think you find the energy generated quite uplifting. MORE

Small-Sided Games

06/27/2019 | Podcast

Hot rucks game walkthrough

In our series of session walkthroughs, Chris Sweetapple discusses with a game he renamed "hot rucks", which was a development of the Rugby Coach Weekly game, Snap-back ruck game. MORE

How to develop running, passing and decision making through 3v2s part 1

07/23/2019 |

Three v twos

Nothing is more of a core skill than fixing defenders and passing to space, especially for 3v2s. This session works on converting running and passing skills into good habits in matches. The session ends by putting these skills into a game. MORE

How to improve at the breakdown 3

07/16/2019 |

Winning ball at the breakdown

Being aggressive in the tackle and presenting the ball well creates quicker ball at the ruck. This session focuses on how your players take contact if they can’t avoid it. Winning the contest at the breakdown is a fundamental piece of your core unit skills. MORE

How to coach talk the talk drill- part 1

07/15/2019 |

Talk the talk

This session makes oral communication a feature. It forces the players to be accurate, concise and urgent when they are without the ball – both in attack and defence. You will see the difference when you take the communication option away. MORE

07/18/2019 | Rugby drills

Essentials for the warm-up

One of the key influences you have on your team is in the hour or so before the match. Learn how to maximise that time to bring the best out of your players and get them flying from the first whistle. MORE

07/16/2019 | Email Newsletters

Warm-up video content | Ruck defence, tackling, contact and...

Getting ready for training needs players to get their bodies and minds in tune. Play lots of games to motivate and engage the players. Then break out into skills zones where your players can start to concentrate on the details. Here are four warm-up skills activities which can be mixed into your training routines, all from our growing video archive. MORE

07/21/2019 | Rugby coaching

How to review your season ready for next season

Sometimes the most logical answer to a problem isn’t the right one. So when assessing how to improve performance, apply the DAP principle to your thought process – Deep, Accurate, Practical. So, you’ve reached the end of the season or you are getting ready for next season. The most difficult thing you’ll do at this... MORE

07/19/2019 | Podcast

Women’s game still needs more change says Scottish legend...

Liza Burgess talks with former Scottish international and experienced coach, Donna Kennedy. She is passionate about the women’s game, Scottish rugby and coaching as a whole. She talks about how the women’s game needs to change to continue to move forward. Donna has coached at lots of levels of the game, including the Barbarians, and... MORE


Core skills focus for handling, contact, kicking and rucks

In the busy preparation for the season, core skills training plays a vital part in building better outcomes under pressure. Rugby Coach Weekly has a strong focus on this area, with expert analysis and sessions to improve players at all levels. MORE


Develop tackle technique in pre-season (and in-season too!)

Technically better tacklers are also safer tacklers. Develop tackling expertise with these exercises – they are ideal for pre-season training and are also great as revision tools as the season progresses. You will note that they include plenty of footwork, which is an essential part of the process of improvement. We will start with 4... MORE


Get ready to ruck | Drills, games, activities, videos,...

The Super Rugby final last weekend between NZ side, the Crusaders and the Jaguares from Argentina was brutal! The contact area was keenly fought, and the players with the best technique and decision making prospered. In the end, we got to see Scott "Razor" Robertson, the Crusader coach, celebrate with his iconic dancing. However, the detail that goes into winning rucks was a crucial part of the reason that they won. MORE

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