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Merry Christmas

A Very Merry Christmas From Rugby Coach Weekly

First, let me wish you all season’s greetings. I hope you have a chance to put your feet up and reflect on, no doubt, a busy coaching year. We’re really looking forward to 2018 with some great new additions to our Rugby Coach Weekly website, new books, plus loads of ideas for games, activities and... MORE

Maverick and the Goose

The attacking player needs to beat the defender. If they can’t, they can pass the ball to their support player. This activity works on evasive skills, creating space, support and continuity. Maverick and the Goose start in the middle of first two boxes Each defender waits 2m inside their box Maverick (ball carrier) runs into... MORE

Coach like a top class defence coach

Unless you have a large coaching team, either you or one of your coaches has to double up as the defence coach. Here are the key areas to focus on to make sure you have a firm grasp of the role. Follow these important factors to make sure you cover the key areas of defence,... MORE


Use this rugby version of the popular arcade game to work on evasive skills, decision making and deception. By Josh Barlow, RDO for the Isle of Wight PacMen start where they want Ghosts start by the balls and pick one up on the call “GO” On “GO”, players can run along any line Ghosts chase... MORE

Kick off session builder

Build up the kick off reception skills to ensure you secure the ball, and then develop the initial support skills to play from that receipt. Two players Throw the ball over the posts to force a drop in the coned square. Develop with the catcher must jump for the ball Three players Add in a... MORE

Sitting ducks

Some tackles are tougher than others but players must not miss the “sitting duck” tackles, where a ball carrier is stationary or running sideways.  This session gives weaker tacklers some confidence. ACTIVITY 1 Two players stand inside the box Throw the ball to one of the players while the other comes forward to tackle them... MORE

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Run past defenders

Run past defenders

U7 MINI-TAG | ATTACKING 3 ACTIVITY: SLALOM Divide your players into teams of four and put each team behind a line of cones. Each player should hold a ball in two hands. When you say “go”, the front players race to the other end of the lines making sure they swerve in and out of... MORE

Support the ball carrier-1

Support the ball carrier

U8 MINI-TAG | ATTACKING 4 ACTIVITY: BEAT THE DEFENDERS Three defenders stand 8m apart in a line down the centre of the area. Four attackers start outside the area at one end facing the defenders. One attacker starts with a ball. The ball carrier runs up the area past the first defender with the other attackers... MORE

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