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VIDEO: Skills zone pop and offload exercise

Use this simple activity as a breakout from games of touch rugby to work on your team’s pop passing skills and offloading from the ground.   THE SKILLS Handling and close support HOW TO DO IT Put a column of up to eight players in front of two cones, slightly offset, no more than 5m... MORE

Pre-season tackling exercise

Develop your players' basic tackling footwork before adding in more contact with this 1 v 1 exercise. Use it as part of a warm-up as well, with players rotating so they are given different challenges all the times. A session from Rhys Cottrell. MORE

Conquer the maul

A maul is formed of at least two attackers, held by a defender, with the ball off the ground. It’s a wrestling match that comes with a risk and reward for the attacking team. Good forward and tie defenders, or be stopped and lose the ball to a scrum. The players need to be aware of the pros and cons of the maul, and their own strengths and weaknesses. MORE

Fizz buzz game

Use this touch game to change the shape of the defence on the third and fifth tackles. MORE

Rucking good fun

Get serious about winning games by working on active and successul rucks to recycle good ball to attack with - but use fun activites to practise these skills. MORE

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Run past defenders

Run past defenders

U7 MINI-TAG | ATTACKING 3 ACTIVITY: SLALOM Divide your players into teams of four and put each team behind a line of cones. Each player should hold a ball in two hands. When you say “go”, the front players race to the other end of the lines making sure they swerve in and out of... MORE

Support the ball carrier-1

Support the ball carrier

U8 MINI-TAG | ATTACKING 4 ACTIVITY: BEAT THE DEFENDERS Three defenders stand 8m apart in a line down the centre of the area. Four attackers start outside the area at one end facing the defenders. One attacker starts with a ball. The ball carrier runs up the area past the first defender with the other attackers... MORE

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