11/3/2020 | Tactics

Reboot or kick out: Round the corner

Attacking the same way from each ruck, you set up an easy attacking pattern to work with. But does this become easy to defend too? Is it time to rethink this tactic? Lots of teams default to a “round the corner” pattern of play, which is easy for forwards to work to and gives the sense of a plan. But it’s becoming also increasingly easy to defend and reduces attacking threats and efficiency. MORE

Mini tag

07/28/2020 | Mini tag

Return to play: Minis and juniors try chasers

Get your ball carriers used to running forward to score tries. This session can be run as a warm-up or as a proper tackling session as well. Often players fail to run forwards even when they know the try line is that way. This session should encourage them to attack a space in front them and go for it. MORE

Small-Sided Games

12/1/2020 | Small-sided games

Race to the try line game

Challenge your team’s go forward by seeing who can score a try the fastest. A full contact small-sided game which will add an additional pressure element to create a tactical edge. MORE

11/23/2020 | Small-sided games

Better kickers using rugby rounders

Develop rugby rounders into a skills development game specifically aimed at improving kicking techniques and tactics. While there are also good outcomes for catching and passing, I want to focus on the precision of the connection between ball and boot and then finding space with the kick. MORE

How to anticipate the ball carriers movement through focus of their core 3

It’s hip to be square-on

The best tacklers read the movements of the ball carrier and anticipate where they are going. This session improves anticipation skills by focusing on the core of the ball carrier. The hips don’t dummy, so if the tackler can keep his eyes on this area, he should make more tackles. MORE

How to run straight lines or angles 1

Straight lines or angles?

Players sometimes try to be too complicated when there may be easier ways to move the ball into space. This session works on developing running and passing skills against different defences. Players should run angles at a defensive overload and straight lines if they have an overlap. MORE

How to sweep for pace 3

Sweep for pace

Taking a pass at pace means that defenders need to quickly refocus from passer to receiver. This means the receiver has more chance of going through gaps and creating space. And of course they are more difficult to tackle. This session has receivers appearing from behind the ball carrier to add pace on to the ball. MORE

09/22/2020 | Email Newsletters

Evasion skills warm-ups and games

Evasion is a fundamental movement skill. Players use in pretty much all their activities, without necessarily focusing on the specific skills they need. Without becoming too bogged down in the technical requirements, you want to improve your players starting and stopping, balance, change of direction and acceleration. With that comes an awareness of space, time, teammates, the opposition and the ball. MORE

09/3/2020 | Email Newsletters

Warm up for Stage D tackling and contact sessions

It's exciting that in England at the very least, contact training is back. However, with only 15 minutes allowed for contact training, you won't be wanting to waste any precious time. So, why not get the players warmed up for contact, without contact! How does that work? MORE

11/29/2020 | Round-up Rodeo with Phil Llewellyn

Roundup Rodeo Ep30: Reviewing the best content

Host Phil Llewellyn with guests review some of the many great podcasts, books, articles and webinars from the last week.  This week's guests: Tristan Mayglothling, professional rowing coach and PhD student at the University of Gloucestershire, Peter Prickett, football coach and author and Ian Johns, Paralympic head coach for GB Judo.  The team pick out the key takeaways from each piece of great content and say how to use it on the pitch, at all the levels of the game. MORE

11/25/2020 | Coaching Laid Bare with Bird Burgess

Coaching Laid Bare Episode Ten with Sophie Bennett

Liza “Bird” Burgess and LJ Lewis discuss a round of questions about the practicalities of the game. In this episode, they are with Sophie Bennett, the Bath team manager. Sophie, having played and coached rugby herself, she was the WRU National Programme Co-ordinator. This role included team management of Wales U16s boys, Wales Women (XVs and 7s) and Cardiff Blues age groups. She was also team manager of Great Britain 7s. MORE

11/24/2020 | Rugby coaching

Applying pressure to players in training

We can see that increasing pressure is vital within a session for players to develop their abilities. We must be careful in how we choose to apply pressure and ensure that we work with players to ensure the best possible environment. MORE


Build a tackling session for a fresh start

With lots of teams thinking about tackling again, here are four activity ideas to build up tackle confidence and defensive awareness. They can also be combined into one session: Technical warm up: Tackling memory jogger Skills development: Tackle balance Skills game: 2 v 4 contact box Game awareness: Bounce out tacklers MORE


Back to action games planning

Challenge your players to think harder about how they play and prepare to play, even if they may not be playing a match at the weekend. First, play games with a purpose. Of course, retain the elements of fun, but be clear on what potential outcomes each game might have. Second, play a variety of games and game situations. Mixing up the games will force players into changing mindsets and figuring out different problems. MORE


Four top tips to enhance parent/child rugby

Another lockdown...another chance for a parent and child to connect through sport. It's been exciting to see a bunch of parents and their children out in the parks, rugby ball in hand, running (well the kids mostly), kicking and passing. Here are my four top tips to help support you and your child get the most from your time together. MORE

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