10/18/2020 | Rugby drills

Handling basics into handling decisions

Players work on their passing accuracy and then straight into a 2 v 1. The quick change should focus the players on working hard at executing their skills well. To improve passing, develop technique and then put it under pressure. This activity does both in a very short space of time. MORE

10/17/2020 | Rugby drills

Two hands are better than one

Without forcing the issue, use this race to illustrate to your players the need to run with two hands on the ball, so they can pass quickly and in both directions. Two hands on the ball means players are able to pass in any direction immediately, which is important to maintain continuity. MORE

Mini tag

07/28/2020 | Mini tag

Return to play: Minis and juniors try chasers

Get your ball carriers used to running forward to score tries. This session can be run as a warm-up or as a proper tackling session as well. Often players fail to run forwards even when they know the try line is that way. This session should encourage them to attack a space in front them and go for it. MORE

Small-Sided Games

10/13/2020 | Rugby drills

Handling whole-part-whole session 2

Use this game-exercise-game activity to develop passing skills for all ages of players. You control the intensity to suit the skills of the players. They have to inject the energy. Use a game to motivate the players to improve their passing, then develop it in an exercise before returning to the game. MORE

10/2/2020 | Girls/Womens

Chain reaction

Try this fun game to help players work on defensive organisation. By forming a physical defence chain, players work together to stop attackers from scoring. This game also helps attackers identify gaps on the wings and learn to execute opportunities.   It develops an idea from Andrew Drayton who coaches Credition girls, Devon. MORE

10/1/2020 | Rugby drills

Rainbow run decision making game

Here are two versions of the same game. In each one, it is a basic 2 v 1, but the angles of attack and defence keep changing depending on the target. It really challenges the role of the support player to put themselves in a good position to give the ball carrier options. MORE

How to loop for the extra man 2

Loop for the extra man

The loop pulls in defenders and creates space for your runners. The passer follows his pass and takes a return pass on the outside of the receiver, thus creating an extra player in attack. It can be used in isolation or as part of a set piece move. MORE

Coaching to execute perfect decoy runners 2

Become the perfect decoy

A strike runner often makes his break because a decoy runner has drawn the defender. Decoy runners need to be credible and available to receive the pass. This session works on developing moves using decoy runners. MORE

How to improve passing and simple angle changing 3

Simple hands

Though the session is called “simple hands”, there is nothing easy about passing and catching under pressure. Your players will improve with focused practice in matchlike situations. The variety of angles and approaches they make forces players to concentrate on their technique under pressure. MORE

09/22/2020 | Email Newsletters

Evasion skills warm-ups and games

Evasion is a fundamental movement skill. Players use in pretty much all their activities, without necessarily focusing on the specific skills they need. Without becoming too bogged down in the technical requirements, you want to improve your players starting and stopping, balance, change of direction and acceleration. With that comes an awareness of space, time, teammates, the opposition and the ball. MORE

09/3/2020 | Email Newsletters

Warm up for Stage D tackling and contact sessions

It's exciting that in England at the very least, contact training is back. However, with only 15 minutes allowed for contact training, you won't be wanting to waste any precious time. So, why not get the players warmed up for contact, without contact! How does that work? MORE

10/21/2020 | The Deep Dive with Si Nainsby

Si Nainby’s Deep Dive with Jamie Taylor

Si Nainby talks in-depth to Jamie Taylor PhD. Jamie is the former head of Academy at Leicester Tigers and now working with Grey Matters as a Senior Coach Developer and the English Institute of Sport as the coaching and curriculum lead. He is a Coach, Coach Developer and Researcher in Coaching Science with a particular focus on Talent Development. MORE

10/21/2020 | Rugby coaching

E-learning: Deliver better conditioned games

Top player developer Gary Townsend presents his e-learning course and templates so you can get the most from your conditioned games. Don't play games for the sake of playing games. Enhance your players' enjoyment, learning and skill development which Gary's structured, unstructured approach. CLICK HERE to go the e-learning course. MORE

10/18/2020 | Round-up Rodeo with Phil Llewellyn

Roundup Rodeo Ep24: Reviewing the best content

Host Phil Llewellyn with guests review some of the many great podcasts, books, articles and webinars from the last week.  This week's guests: Dan Abrahams, Freelance Sport and Exercise Psychologist and Dr Abbe Brady, Sport and Exercise Psychologist and Head of Psychology and Pedagogic Science at St Mary's University The team dissect the book The Long Win: The Search for a Better Way to Succeed by Cath Bishop. MORE


Defence decision-making activities

The basis for good defence always starts with strong tackling. However, the defenders also need to be connected as a group to ensure that the attacking options are closed down. Here are some defensive activities that you can run in training, even if you are not allowed to use tackling. All of them require good connections and decision-making. The attacking group will want to "win" and score, so the defensive group has to find creative ways to stop them. MORE


Tomb raider and other fun tag games

Give your players lots of fun ways to improve their skills with simple games which have easy-to-define outcomes. Here are four to play around with. Though they are aimed at tag, you can easily adapt them for older and more experienced players. MORE


Positive social distancing sessions – let’s keep going

Many of our sporting friends are facing tough times with lockdown rules reducing opportunities to play. However, if you can get out onto the pitch, but are perhaps limited to what you can do within your bubble, here are some ideas for sessions. MORE

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