05/16/2020 | webinars

SHOTGUN webinar on practice design 22 May 19:00(BST)

This is a SHOTGUN webinar where we give you both barrels in 30 minutes. Dan Cottrell hosts Ged Hall, an experienced coach at grassroots and development level, as he gives us the real reasons to think about space, players and time in training. MORE

05/13/2020 | Podcast

RCW’s Haunted House: Episode 2

Three unsuspecting coaches were invited to enter the Haunted House. I led each one into a room where they faced a terrifying rugby scenario. Each one was challenged to find a coaching solution. On the spot, no preparation and no get out clauses. Sink or swim. MORE

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Small-Sided Games

05/14/2020 | Small-sided games

Evasive games to suit forwards

When you want to work on evasive skills, the low-numbered players, like the front row, don’t get much of a look in if they are pitted against faster players. You need to adapt and still make the game worthwhile. MORE

How to execute the danish long ball 2

Danish long ball

Help your players discover the power of passing and evasion under pressure with this game. “Danish long ball” can be used to trigger lots of skills exercises, with players returning to the game afterwards. For instance you could work on long passing, sidestepping or communication in between bouts of play. MORE

How to improve in bad situations 3

Turning bad into good

A bad pass need not always mean the end of a fluid move. Players can learn to react positively by adjusting their bodies to catch and then deliver the ball, and support players can learn to delay their runs. In this way your side can continue their patterns of play even if one of the passes has been disrupted. MORE

How to speed up passing 2

Pass faster

Faster passing shifts the ball to where the defence is not, before they can fill the gap. Long passes are easier to defend because the defenders can shift as the ball is in the air. If a team passes the ball quickly, defences find it more difficult because their focus is constantly changing. MORE


Five quick ways to invest in your players and...

With no training sessions in lockdown, our on-going interactions with our players is different. We can still invest in our players, building their confidence, understanding and belong. Here are some simple, quick ideas. MORE


What makes good coaches outstanding

We are all frustrated that we can't be outside coaching at the moment. While there are more serious concerns in the world, coaching our sport still has a role to play in helping maintain good spirits and giving us all a focus for the future. Of course, we haven't stopped coaching. Everyone I've spoken to has, in some way, been in touch with their players and other stakeholders. In this newsletter, I'm going to give you some fuel for your own personal coaching well-being. MORE

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