Mini tag

08/28/2018 | Mini tag

Guide to coaching U7s and tag rugby

Participation and fun are the core outcomes for under 7s. However, concentrate on: Evasive running to score tries - that is running forward but able to step to the side of a defender. Catching and passing - probably when the players are static. Don’t worry about defence. MORE

06/29/2018 |

Turtle tag

Use this quick attack-defence-evasion game to improve your players' awareness and speed. It can easily be developed to include other elements like self-organisation and decision making. MORE

Small-Sided Games

08/23/2018 | Small-sided games

Drop-off touch

Games that require all the players to participate develop all abilities. In drop-off touch, defenders have to fill in and attackers have to support, involving the whole group. MORE

How to improve judgement and know where to attack 2

10/22/2018 |

Play what’s in front of you

Playing what is in front of you is a tough skill to master, even for the most experienced players. But that does not mean it should not be practised at all levels of the game. These simple activities will challenge the players to pass, support and communicate quickly. MORE

How to support around the tackle contest 2

10/22/2018 |

Second man in pulls the strings

The second player in support of the ball carrier needs to work out how to support the tackle contest. This session explores a range of situations, all based on the principle of going forward whenever possible. MORE

How to defend using the weak shoulder 2

10/15/2018 |

Weak shoulders? Close those gaps

This session looks at the ball carrier attacking the weak shoulder but is more about defenders avoiding this problem. A weak shoulder is where the defender is attacked on the side he is not set up to tackle on so normally the attacker can step inside. The two activities will help players gain better balance before making a tackle. MORE

10/6/2018 | Warm Ups

VIDEO: Fun, competitive passing warm up

Use this kneeling down passing exercise to work on good upper body style for passing, where the players use their shoulders and hip rotation to generate power in the pass, and elbows and wrist to create acceleration and accuracy. It's also good for working on catch and pass techniques in isolation. MORE

09/5/2018 | Warm Ups

VIDEO: Warm up with a wrestle

Get ready for a contact or tackling session by using wrestling drills. They’re great for conditioning and bring a competitive edge to training – watch our video and then try it with your team. MORE

The Triangle-1

08/15/2017 |

The Triangle

In this warm-up game, passing and catching are important, but vision and awareness are paramount. When the player is lining up to run, he needs to know who is going, when he needs to go, who he’ll receive from, who he’ll pass to and where he’ll line up next. MORE

10/22/2018 | Rugby drills

Basics for “experts”

You know you have to cover the core skills. That can be difficult if some of the players take a long time to get the basics right. You need to keep all your players interested and that is tough. MORE

10/12/2018 | Tips

Trigger words

Using triggers in your coaching may seem new and novel but you have probably been using trigger words or phrases without realising it. Here’s why they help… What are triggers? Triggers are words or phrases that might change the player’s behaviour from performing a technique poorly to focusing on the technique and what he has... MORE


Tackle practices to challenge your players

Keep tackling practices fresh with new ways to improve the players' basic techniques. Put them into unusual situations in training which tend to reflect the game-like scenarios they may face. MORE


Target 90%+: Coach better lineouts, with great techniques, sessions...

There can be 20 plus lineouts in a match. They are the most competitive set-piece in a game, and tactically crucial if you want to take advantage of penalties you can’t kick at goal. The top teams target a 90% plus completion rate. That means, not just winning the ball, but winning it cleanly. MORE


Develop a player-centred defence

The basic principles of defence are: Go forward Provide support Apply pressure Regain possession As you can see, they don't explicitly say tackling. So, if we really want to improve our defence, we have to look at the whole, not just one of the parts. MORE

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