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Small-Sided Games

02/2/2020 | Small-sided games

“Raiders” game

In this fast-paced game, teams have to retain possession in a small area and then try to raid the opposition box. It will develop communication, footwork, defence and passing skills. MORE

off the ground 2

02/18/2020 |

Off the ground

Offloading out of contact is “risk and reward” rugby. It maintains continuity and might get your attack behind the defence. Offloading the ball out of the tackle while still on your feet is often the quickest option, but the offload off the ground can be just as effective. The support runner can then attack the space where the tackler was. MORE

Inside tracking 3

02/17/2020 |

Inside tracking

Against an organised defence the chances to break the line with a pass are reduced. However, by drifting out and then passing back in the ball carrier can create an opportunity, because defenders often become lazy and don’t cover the inside pass. The skill comes from the receiver “tracking” inside the passer, following his drift. MORE

Core on 3

02/11/2020 |

Core on

“Core on” will teach players the significance of their core strength and how they can utilise it effectively in the scrum. The exercises replicate some of the movements that will happen in the scrum, so players get used to moving around as they scrummage. MORE

10/4/2019 | Warm Ups

Print-and-go pre-match warm-up

Use this template to get your team mentally and physically fired-up and ready for their match. Pre-match warm-ups aim to activate the body and  mind ready for the kick-off. But, you cannot cover  your complete game-plan in the warm-up. MORE

08/6/2019 | Warm Ups

VIDEO: Log roll warm-up

A physical, fun and warm-up, log rolls encourage teamwork and prepare players for contact.   Split players into groups of at least six. Put five players in a row, on the ground, shoulder-to-shoulder. Put another player, on their back, across these players, lying across their middles. On your call, the group has to propel the... MORE

02/9/2020 | Podcast

How to use video analysis for training design and...

In the podcast, Geraint explains... The benefits you and your teams get from reviewing video footage from top class games. How you translate what you see in the footage into training design. How you can vary your feedback on the footage to suit different age groups. Different ways to introduce a new technique or tactic. The right focus on when you are watching back videos. How can we watch our games in real time. MORE

02/8/2020 | Rugby coaching

Help put your parents in the right place –...

Dr Camilla Knight and her research team at Swansea University have been looking into the ways that parents interact with their children in a supporting environment. Here’s how their findings can help you work more effectively with your parents. MORE


Practical scrum training and technical improvements

A strong, stable scrum provides an excellent platform for attacking play or effectively clearing your lines. Yet training this crucial area is never easy since you may not have all your scrum players available or access to a scrum machine. So, here are some practical solutions to build a stronger scrum. MORE


Six Nations 2020 pressure lessons: loose ball, contact and...

Some scores from the men's Six Nations this weekend: Ireland 17 Wales 22, Scotland 14 England 5; Ireland 6 Wales 13, Scotland 2 England 0. You guessed it. These are not the final scores, because both Ireland and England won. The first "other result" is defenders beaten, the second, successful offloads. MORE


Six Nations 2020 defence lessons: coaching activities

"Defence wins games". Of course, that's always half the story. But it was the crucial factor in the opening Six Nations games and especially for France v England, and to a certain extent Ireland v Scotland. And, note that Italy didn't score any points at all against Wales. MORE

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