Mini tag

06/29/2018 |

Turtle tag

Use this quick attack-defence-evasion game to improve your players' awareness and speed. It can easily be developed to include other elements like self-organisation and decision making. MORE

06/3/2018 |

Minefield for mini tag

Encourage players to run forward and still avoid oncoming obstacles. There's no turning back! MORE

05/29/2018 |

Tri-try challenge

Challenge the attackers to come up with ways to score three tries without being touched. They have three try zones, and different rules to keep them thinking. MORE

Small-Sided Games

06/12/2018 |

Video: Triangle attack touch

Challenge your players to realign quickly in attack and defence with this touch game played inside a modified pitch in the shape of a triangle. By Dave Beal, experienced grassroots coach, founder and director of DB12 Foundation MORE

How to improve passing and running skills 2

07/17/2018 |

Target Mars in outer space

Make your players look for a target to run to while taking a pass. They cannot exploit space unless they run hard into it. Use this small-sided game followed by a match simulation to improve spatial awareness and decision making. Their target is virtually unknown until they almost get there - like heading to Mars! MORE

How to improve scrumming 1

07/16/2018 |

Scrumming together

This simple session develops players’ core strength and scrummaging position by making them control their body shape as they move. Scrummagers work together, so it makes it a co-operative session and not a competitive one. Good for all scrummaging positions. MORE

How to communicate in attack 1

07/10/2018 |

Attacking with communication

Clear, concise and accurate communication is a vital element in support play, whether in attack or defence. This session helps your players establish some of the language they should be using in games. MORE

The Triangle-1

08/15/2017 |

The Triangle

In this warm-up game, passing and catching are important, but vision and awareness are paramount. When the player is lining up to run, he needs to know who is going, when he needs to go, who he’ll receive from, who he’ll pass to and where he’ll line up next. MORE

2V1 Continuous-1

08/15/2017 |

2 v 1 Continuous

This simple game is an excellent warmup exercise that will get your players thinking about their core skills, communication and, most importantly, decision-making. It’s also great for getting players to feel alert and focused at the beginning of a training session. MORE

Five Waves-1

08/15/2017 | Warm Ups

Five Waves

This is a good warm-up game for a large group of players. It gets their minds and bodies moving and helps to sharpen up their core skills of handling, passing and catching. MORE

07/11/2018 | Podcast

How an expert sports coach learned to coach rugby...

Dr Andy Abraham is an experienced researcher and teacher in sports coaching. He's also been a novice coach in rugby union, starting his journey with his own son in the north of England. Now, having coached at this level for 5 years, it seemed a good moment to find out what he had learned from this experience. MORE


Develop a player-centred defence

The basic principles of defence are: Go forward Provide support Apply pressure Regain possession As you can see, they don't explicitly say tackling. So, if we really want to improve our defence, we have to look at the whole, not just one of the parts. MORE


Practise kicking in game-like situations

Great kicking can score tries. It takes awareness. And if you can create plenty of scenarios in training where players can test out their kicking, they improve both their tactical and technical prowess. This goes for kicks in open play and kick-offs. MORE

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