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Small-Sided Games

11/29/2019 | Passing & Handling

Tika-taka rugby: finding space

Barcelona football team are fantastic to watch in the way they pass the ball quickly to players in space. This style of play does not happen by chance – replicate it in your rugby training. MORE

11/23/2019 | Podcast

Session energising gold and incredible engagement by using games

Dale Sidebottom is a leading motivational instructor and coach educator who works across sport and business. He has inspired plenty of other coach educators to create better environments to maximise learning. In this bumper podcast he shares his methods and some of the best ways to make a real difference in coaching. MORE

How to develop an effective defensive system 3

12/10/2019 |

Magic 3s

At every World Cup so far, the winning team has conceded the fewest tries per game over the tournament. Defence is all about teamwork and trust. It needs to be worked on in almost every training session. An effective defence is a simple defence, and nothing could be simpler and more effective than “Magic 3s”. MORE

When to use a miss pass 2

12/9/2019 |

Miss me

The miss pass is the most commonly misused pass in rugby. When executed at the right time it can release attackers, but too often it simply allows defenders to drift out and push the attack towards touch. “Miss me” will develop your players’ understanding of when to use a miss pass. MORE

Maul it 3

12/3/2019 |

Maul it

Mauls can be great attacking weapons. But they must be fast and dynamic, driving the opposition backwards, to provide quick clean go forward possession. The maul is simple to set up, but takes lots of live practice to perfect. “Maul it” shows you how to start the process. MORE

10/4/2019 | Warm Ups

Print-and-go pre-match warm-up

Use this template to get your team mentally and physically fired-up and ready for their match. Pre-match warm-ups aim to activate the body and  mind ready for the kick-off. But, you cannot cover  your complete game-plan in the warm-up. MORE

08/6/2019 | Warm Ups

VIDEO: Log roll warm-up

A physical, fun and warm-up, log rolls encourage teamwork and prepare players for contact.   Split players into groups of at least six. Put five players in a row, on the ground, shoulder-to-shoulder. Put another player, on their back, across these players, lying across their middles. On your call, the group has to propel the... MORE

07/18/2019 | Rugby drills

Essentials for the warm-up

One of the key influences you have on your team is in the hour or so before the match. Learn how to maximise that time to bring the best out of your players and get them flying from the first whistle. MORE

12/13/2019 | Podcast

Managing the complexity of coaching

Jamie Taylor, former head of academy at Leicester Tigers and now working with English Institute of Sport, challenges us to be better as coaches. In this podcast, we discuss the following areas: How to manage the complexity of coaching Your coaching approach must suit the developmental needs of the players How former players can make... MORE

11/26/2019 | Rugby drills

VIDEO: Tag and pass race

Use this race to improve passing, the idea that players have to stop after a tag and pass and the role of the support player chasing after the ball carrier to receive a pass after a tag.  MORE

11/20/2019 | Rugby coaching

How honesty and values makes players trust you, says...

Everyone comes with their own values, but you have to be flexible based on your playing resources. Be honest with your players and adjust your style to suit their strengths, says Dale McIntosh, former Wales international, and coach with Cardiff Blues and now Merthyr RFC. Based on your own values and style, you might to... MORE


Small-sided games, and how to get the most from...

Players love games...and so do we! But are you getting the most out of them? We've got a series of ways to you can exploit the natural desire to play games in training to help develop your players' skills, teamwork and general play. MORE


How you can coach your players to tackle like...

With the 2019 World Cup final only two days away, there's never been a better time for coaches to show players what's happening at the top end of the game. And then to put some of these into practice during training and into matches. MORE


Videos of activities to improve passing and decision making

Improve your players' handling by giving them plenty of opportunities to pass the ball in training. Not all the passes are the same, and not all passers either. Help your players discover which works best for them, while giving them hints and tips on how to progress. MORE

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