01/13/2019 | Rugby drills

VIDEO: Tackle, change feet

Develop good footwork in the last few steps before the tackle. First, to power into a tackle situation, and then to adjust as the tackle target moves either to the left or the right. This activity uses low-impact outcomes with tackle tubes to focus on the technical aspects of the skill. MORE

Mini tag

11/13/2018 | Email Newsletters

Four fun games for mini tag (and older players...

Need to inject some new ideas in training. Sometimes the old games have run their course. Well, for the time being anyway. Here are some fun games which are quick to set-up and, with few rules, give the players new challenges. Though they are primarily aimed at mini-tag, you can easily adapt them for older players. I think you find the energy generated quite uplifting. MORE

08/28/2018 | Mini tag

Guide to coaching U7s and tag rugby

Participation and fun are the core outcomes for under 7s. However, concentrate on: Evasive running to score tries - that is running forward but able to step to the side of a defender. Catching and passing - probably when the players are static. Don’t worry about defence. MORE

Small-Sided Games

How to improve the players mindset 2

01/15/2019 |

Box-to-box work and play

Training can easily isolate skills without forcing players to change mindsets quickly. This session concentrates on working players hard in one area and then pushing them into decision-making situations. It will improve fitness, communication and organisation. MORE

How to improve the kick chase game 2

01/14/2019 |

Chasing the kick, no penalties

Any player may be in a position where he is chasing a kick and he finds either the opposition player jumping for the ball or sliding on to the ground to gather it. Here is a session to work on the best options to tackle the player and avoid conceding penalties. MORE

How to improve tackling 2

01/8/2019 |

My man: Never shirk a tackle

Defensive systems are not an excuse for individuals to miss tackles. This session puts defenders in a line and then isolates one of them in order to make a tackle in their channel. This has to be run with full contact to make sure players match up correctly. MORE

10/6/2018 | Warm Ups

VIDEO: Fun, competitive passing warm up

Use this kneeling down passing exercise to work on good upper body style for passing, where the players use their shoulders and hip rotation to generate power in the pass, and elbows and wrist to create acceleration and accuracy. It's also good for working on catch and pass techniques in isolation. MORE

01/14/2019 | Rugby coaching

When does contact get serious?

Rugby should always be fun, no matter the age of the participants. But the progression from elementary contact to the physical game enjoyed by older players needs to be carefully managed. MORE

01/7/2019 | Team Management

Four ways to develop your coaching mojo

All coaches should have a spark, a creative inspiration to help bring the best out of their players. Create magic with your team by following these tips and developing your coaching skills. 1. Serious fun wins matches Know who’s in charge of the “serious” stuff and who’s in charge of the “fun” at training. You... MORE


Beat them in attack, intercept them in defence |...

Rugby is essentially an invasion game. One of the core skills is evasion, and therefore, by definition, interception. Evasion is not just running to where a defender isn't. It's try to fool them at the same time, to make that easier. Of course, the defender should be thinking the same, just in reverse! MORE


Offloads from grip to games | Activities, drills and...

An offload is just another name for a pass out of the tackle. It's a powerful skill because it can create opportunities to attack a less-organised defence. If it is so powerful, why don't more teams use it? Because there are plenty of risks involved, firstly in terms of the difficulty of the skill. Reduce these risks by using the following techniques, activities and games. MORE


Secure your kick offs | Activities, games and tactics

Kick offs can be the stuff of nightmares. For some reason, players shutdown from their normal operations and there's a danger that any advantage from just scoring is thrown away. That's just one of many reasons to spend time on the skills needed to secure the ball, skills that some players will only use during this phase of the game. MORE

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