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06/9/2020 | Rucking & Mauling

Coaching decision making at the ruck, the Razor way

Making quick, accurate decisions at the ruck will help create quick ball. The role of the first supporter at the ruck is based almost entirely on the threat of the nearest defender. Here is how I define the different options and ways to coach those options more effectively. MORE

05/28/2020 | Rugby drills

Slide and hammer defence

Encourage all the best attributes in a good defensive line with this game of slide and hammer. It will improve your teams’ line speed and cohesiveness. MORE

How to position in rucks 3

Planes taking off

Safe rucking equals good rucking. This session helps players get the idea that arriving at the ruck with a good body position will give them more power at the contact and will keep them on their feet. This low to high movement is like a plane taking off. MORE

Three point stance 2

Three point stance

The three point stance is used in American Football, where getting low and exploding forward is essential for players in the front line. Defending the channels close to a ruck is very similar. Players need to be ready to go but patient, waiting for the ball to be played. It’s then a race to get to the gain line and stop the attack. MORE

Tackle count 1

Tackle count

Help your players relish tackling by making a competition of it. Not only will this improve the team’s defence as they become incentivised to tackle more, it can change the mindset of players from “have to tackle” to “want to tackle”. MORE

07/5/2020 | Podcast

Roundup Rodeo Ep11: Reviewing last week’s pick of the...

Host Phil Llewellyn with guests Jess Bunyard, Maria Crowfoot and Anastacia Long review some of the many great podcasts and webinars from the last week. The team pick out the key takeaways from each episode and how to use it on the pitch, at all the levels of the game. MORE

07/4/2020 | Rugby coaching

4 ways to gain trust

Trust is very important between a player and his manager. But how is trust earned? Sports psychologist Dan Abrahams offers grassroots coaches four tips to help them gain the confidence of their players. MORE


Return to play: Games, drills and fitness testing

You want your training to be purposeful. That means players feel they've gained something from the session. Here's a mix of handling, fitness and kicking games to help populate your training sessions for the return to play. It looks a lot like pre-season of course. You will see the fundamentals of skills, teamwork and movement, but little or no focus on tactics or contact. MORE


RTP sessions and law change lessons

We've got more ideas for teams who are tentatively coming back to training. These are good warm up activities once we get back into the regular season too. Also, there are some lessons from the return to full blown rugby in New Zealand with the Super Rugby Aotearoa competition. These lessons are very simple. Follow the true letter of the law around the tackle and ruck area. MORE

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