01/13/2019 | Tackling

Tackle, change feet

Develop good footwork in the last few steps before the tackle. First, to power into a tackle situation, and then to adjust as the tackle target moves either to the left or the right. This activity uses low-impact outcomes with tackle tubes to focus on the technical aspects of the skill. MORE

Mini tag

11/13/2018 | Email Newsletters

Four fun games for mini tag (and older players...

Need to inject some new ideas in training. Sometimes the old games have run their course. Well, for the time being anyway. Here are some fun games which are quick to set-up and, with few rules, give the players new challenges. Though they are primarily aimed at mini-tag, you can easily adapt them for older players. I think you find the energy generated quite uplifting. MORE

Small-Sided Games

02/25/2019 | Rugby drills

Drop-out pressure game

Challenge your players to work out better ways to use the 22m drop-out as a way of pressurising the opposition. This fun game promotes accurate kicking, hard chasing and role understanding. MORE

How to clear out rucks effectively 3

05/14/2019 |

Ruck wrecker

A “willingness to fight to win the breakdown battle” is such a key area that the team that wins it almost invariably wins the game. “Ruck wrecker” will develop your players’ techniques and their attitude to winning the breakdown. MORE

How to improve defending through watertight positioning 2

05/13/2019 |

Inside out

Defending is about stopping the opposition taking the simplest option and making them do something more risky. Generally, the wider the attack, the riskier it is. “Inside out” will help build a defence to cut off the simple close options, making opponents take risks. It’s about trust, organisation and the players knowing their roles. MORE

How to coach gathering the ball off the ground 2

05/7/2019 |

Go to ground and gather

The ball spends more time on the ground in matches than we allocate time for in training. Dropped passes or aimless kicks are frequent so all your players need to be ready to drop on a ball on the ground, gather it and get back up. MORE

05/17/2019 | Rugby coaching

Add some zip!

It’s been a long season and the finishing line is in sight. Now’s the time to energise your coaching to help your team end with a flourish. These four tried-and-tested methods will see you right… MORE

05/9/2019 | Podcast

Exciting times for women’s rugby and coaching

Liza "Bird" Burgess was inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame in 2018. With 93 caps for Wales and GB, she's also an experienced international and club coach. Now assisting Susie Appleby at Gloucester-Hartbury in the Tyrrells English Premiership, she shares her approach to coaching, what inspires her and how she's changed her delivery. These are exciting times for the women's game as more women take up the coaching reigns - it was great to catch with a good friend and a beacon for the game. MORE

05/1/2019 | Rugby coaching

20 questions you should ask

Coaches should engage continually with young players to ensure messages are being received and understood. But what questions should you never miss out? Here’s what to ask in the next session… MORE

04/30/2019 | Tackling

Learning from the tackling journey

Improve your tacklers by understanding how the best defenders grew as players. I spoke to one player whose technical expertise stands out amongst her peers. Pic from Omega Photography Sophie Ellis, a 17-year-old student in North Wales, has been playing rugby for the last four years. She’s one of the standout tacklers in her regional... MORE


How to score the best try of 2018 |...

The Sky Sports try of 2018 was scored by Jersey Reds in their English Championship game against London Irish. Their attack coach Ed Robinson gave me some amazing insights into how the try was crafted, including nuggets you probably won't pick up from just watching the clip. MORE


The “scoop” ruck detail | Plus handling and tackling

Ruck pads, also known as tackle shields, provide a soft landing for shoulders (and heads sometimes) when practising rucking. They are not an alternative to rucking practice. Instead, they should help players to concentrate on details that they can apply to a bone-on-bone practice later in the session. MORE

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