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Develop passing techniques before unleashing an attacking and defence situation. A quick-fire game to challenge players to think about space and communication (it happens sometimes!) ACTIVITY ŒA group of three face one way A group of two face the other The ball is passed along the line every time you say “Pass” When it gets... MORE

Blind passing when it makes sense

Develop the players’ understanding of when they can pass without looking at the receiver, using this simple exercise to embed the skills and communication needed. ACTIVITY ŒA ball carrier sprints up the narrow channel, aiming to get to the middle cones before passing A supporting player runs behind the first ball carrier ŽA defender races... MORE

PARENTS: Prevent the unknown damage from the touchline

Be the best sports parent you can be. Gordon MacLelland of Working With Parents in Sport helps you understand why good intentions can be bad news and what you can do make your child’s sporting experience a very positive one. Every weekend all over the world millions of parents, children and coaches set off for... MORE

Smack and grab

This is a high-intensity, physical session that works on ruck and tackle contest techniques. It encourages players to work hard in support and when they are fatigued. Poor technique will be easily recognised. ACTIVITY ŒA ball carrier weaves through the middle cones and drives into the pad before going to ground The other two supporters go... MORE

From basics to tactics

Work on core passing skills and decision making in quick succession. Make sure players continue to develop their basics and tactical awareness. An ideal session to rebuild confidence or even for pre-season. ACTIVITY Four players stand and pass up and down the line in a 10m square   Call out a name or letter. That... MORE

What’s the point of rugby coaching assessors

Since rugby coaching assessors can never see the whole picture, what’s the point of being assessed? Is it just so you can receive a badge which means you are deemed safe to coach at a certain level? Well, that’s possibly the real reason why we do coaching qualifications. The National Governing Bodies have a tough... MORE

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Run past defenders

Run past defenders

U7 MINI-TAG | ATTACKING 3 ACTIVITY: SLALOM Divide your players into teams of four and put each team behind a line of cones. Each player should hold a ball in two hands. When you say “go”, the front players race to the other end of the lines making sure they swerve in and out of... MORE

Support the ball carrier-1

Support the ball carrier

U8 MINI-TAG | ATTACKING 4 ACTIVITY: BEAT THE DEFENDERS Three defenders stand 8m apart in a line down the centre of the area. Four attackers start outside the area at one end facing the defenders. One attacker starts with a ball. The ball carrier runs up the area past the first defender with the other attackers... MORE

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