01/14/2021 | Small-sided games


This is an adaptation of a game I use in school. It’s great as a warm-up or as a game to encourage and support creativity before moving towards a more rugby-specific game. It encourages and challenges evasion skills, spatial awareness, communication, as well as passing, kicking and catching. MORE

Mini tag

07/28/2020 | Mini tag

Return to play: Minis and juniors try chasers

Get your ball carriers used to running forward to score tries. This session can be run as a warm-up or as a proper tackling session as well. Often players fail to run forwards even when they know the try line is that way. This session should encourage them to attack a space in front them and go for it. MORE

Small-Sided Games

12/7/2020 | Small-sided games

Command and conquer

Here’s a game of invasion, evasion, tactics, intensity, teamwork and nerve. Every player will be involved and it will help develop fitness as well as skills. This game is really active and allows everyone to take a role. Great for fitness due to a high work rate and also allows you to focus on a range of fundamental skills. MORE

12/5/2020 | Small-sided games

Using Rondos for positive environments

We have been adapting to the new way of working with Covid and trying to create a positive learning environment. I believe the environment you create is far more important than your tactics and complicated game plans. I will show you how we set up and extended Rondos as a game, plus the feedback the players told me afterwards. MORE

How to gather dropped balls 1

Drop and gather

The ball spends more time on the ground in games than we train for. Players drop the ball or pass it poorly and there can be a lot of aimless kicking. All your players need to be ready to drop on a ball on the ground and get back up to gather it. MORE

How to coach your team to launch counter attacks 3

Kick start your counter attack

More teams are refusing to kick for touch, instead kicking for territory in a bid to launch counter attacks. This simple session helps players discover ways to perfect this and should be a standard session for every season. MORE

Staying alive

“Staying alive” means keeping some forward momentum through the contact area. So rather than meekly going to ground when faced with a defender, the ball carrier fights to stay on their feet. This provides a better target for the support players and improves your team’s recycling of the ball. MORE

09/22/2020 | Email Newsletters

Evasion skills warm-ups and games

Evasion is a fundamental movement skill. Players use in pretty much all their activities, without necessarily focusing on the specific skills they need. Without becoming too bogged down in the technical requirements, you want to improve your players starting and stopping, balance, change of direction and acceleration. With that comes an awareness of space, time, teammates, the opposition and the ball. MORE

09/3/2020 | Email Newsletters

Warm up for Stage D tackling and contact sessions

It's exciting that in England at the very least, contact training is back. However, with only 15 minutes allowed for contact training, you won't be wanting to waste any precious time. So, why not get the players warmed up for contact, without contact! How does that work? MORE

01/15/2021 | Rugby coaching

Great is not good enough in communication

How often have you heard: "No, yes, good, great," and then lots of sighing. Does this sound like a coach you know? And does this really seem helpful? Let's consider how we enhance our language to engage players and most importantly understand them. MORE

01/11/2021 | Rugby coaching

How can I introduce more “dog” into my players

received these two emails within a few hours of each other, so this isn’t an isolated situation. However, I will hasten to add, it’s not a problem either. Up to the age of 17/18, boys grow at very different speeds. This is both physically and mentally. It’s likely that the more “aggressive” teams you face have a number of boys are ahead of the curve in this sense. They are more mature than their peers. MORE

01/9/2021 | Rugby coaching

How to keep your best players on the pitch...

Demanding games tend to be toughest on your best players because they put themselves in the action the most. Help them manage themselves to play for longer. In a tough period of games there will be many players beginning to wane after successive demanding outings. The extent of this waning will depend on their strength... MORE


Lockdown planning: Quick ruck ball sessions

If you are able to train, then you will be aiming to improve your players' skills and tactical appreciation around specific areas of the game. If you are in lockdown, it's a chance to hone your session planning in readiness for your return. MORE


Get ready for a safer rugby experience in 2021

Here’s a headline that’s not going to get your players back to training quickly: Tackling and Fitness Training. However, as we focus on safety and reducing the exposure to a concussion, all the most recent data suggests we need to have better-prepared players. In particular, the fitter the player, the stronger they are, and more... MORE


Build a tackling session for a fresh start

With lots of teams thinking about tackling again, here are four activity ideas to build up tackle confidence and defensive awareness. They can also be combined into one session: Technical warm up: Tackling memory jogger Skills development: Tackle balance Skills game: 2 v 4 contact box Game awareness: Bounce out tacklers MORE

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