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Small-Sided Games

03/15/2020 | Rugby drills

Freshen up your training

If you are nearing the end of a long hard season your players will be tired in all sorts of ways, physically and mentally. It’s not a good time to take on new ideas so small adjustments can make a big difference. MORE

03/8/2020 | Rugby drills

Unleash the dogs of war

If the ball is on the ground, then players need to react, and react aggressively. This activity works on what happens immediately after the ball is won. MORE

Slide pass 2

03/16/2020 |

Slide pass

The “slide pass” has been used to good effect recently by a number of international teams. It is a flat pass to a player who is drifting outside his defender. Introducing the move also lets your team practise some good basic passing and running skills. MORE

Up together 3

03/9/2020 |

Up together

Defending is not just about stopping the opposition from scoring, it is about trying to regain possession. To achieve that you need a defence that moves forward as a unit and puts the opposition under pressure. “Up together” gives you the tools to develop your defensive organisation so all your players understand their roles in it. MORE

How to side on tackle 2

03/2/2020 |

Side impact

Even the top teams recognise that they don’t practise side on tackling enough. In this session you can also challenge the players to think of their finishing position first and then work backwards to see why the side on tackle is so effective in winning turnover ball. MORE

03/29/2020 | Rugby drills

Book club | The Score Takes Care of Itself:...

Bill Walsh won three Superbowls with the San Francisco 49ers. When he took over as head coach in 1979 they were arguably the worst team in American football history. Within two years they were the best. This sympathetic and honest book, published after Walsh’s death in 2007, but largely in his own words, explains in detail the methods he used to achieve extraordinary success. MORE


A good time to get your coaching and your...

Right...let's get a grip. We encourage our players to be resilient, positive and look forward, not back. We now to do that ourselves and then communicate that energy to our players. What can we do to plan, prepare and develop ourselves? MORE

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