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Six Nations Analysis

Turn England’s breakdown problems into your solutions

Everyone wants their team to play with pace in attack, quick ball creates problems for defences, it’s really that simple. Not only is it hard for a defence to set against a constantly changing picture but quick ball generates options for the attack. Obviously, you then have to use those options wisely. There are a... MORE

Zombie escape

Ball carriers have to evade the static zombies. If one does get tagged, then the zombies are released and the ball carriers have to make it to safety MORE

Brace, brace, brace

Use this session to maintain a low body position and brace the shoulder when moving into contact. MORE

Go forward from the lineout

There's 10-15m for the ball carrier to run before he meets the lineout defence. Both attack and defence need to consider how to cover this space effectively to create or prevent breaks and quick ball. MORE

Hitting the wall (of noise)

Focus on man-to-man marking, so the attack feels like it is running into a wall of defenders. It requires good footwork and working with the other defenders to make sure there are no holes in that wall. MORE

It’s that obvious, so why don’t we train like...

Last week, I saw some high-level research into success for undergraduates from college. Go to lectures and you will pass your exams. This is hardly a surprise. Or is it? You can read the research here Plenty of students don’t go to lectures anymore. I don’t mean sleep in a couple of times or skip... MORE

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Run past defenders

Run past defenders

U7 MINI-TAG | ATTACKING 3 ACTIVITY: SLALOM Divide your players into teams of four and put each team behind a line of cones. Each player should hold a ball in two hands. When you say “go”, the front players race to the other end of the lines making sure they swerve in and out of... MORE

Support the ball carrier-1

Support the ball carrier

U8 MINI-TAG | ATTACKING 4 ACTIVITY: BEAT THE DEFENDERS Three defenders stand 8m apart in a line down the centre of the area. Four attackers start outside the area at one end facing the defenders. One attacker starts with a ball. The ball carrier runs up the area past the first defender with the other attackers... MORE

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