07/16/2021 | Coffee morning

4 secrets of a successful pre-season

In this exclusive event for Rugby Coach Weekly subscribers, experienced senior men’s and women’s rugby coach and player developer, and host of the popular RCW Roundup Rodeo podcast, Phil Llewellyn will reveal 4 ways to make the most out of your pre-season. You will discover: Three easy ways to start your planning Why you need... MORE

05/11/2021 | Footwork and evasion

Prison break

A fun game to help work on defensive footwork as well as evasion skills from attackers. Develops evasion skills, plus defensive footwork and communication. MORE

Mini tag

07/28/2020 | Mini tag

Return to play: Minis and juniors try chasers

Get your ball carriers used to running forward to score tries. This session can be run as a warm-up or as a proper tackling session as well. Often players fail to run forwards even when they know the try line is that way. This session should encourage them to attack a space in front them and go for it. MORE

Small-Sided Games

07/16/2021 | Kicking & Catching

Aerial noughts and crosses

Improve your kicking with a game of aerial noughts and crosses. Teams take it in turns to kick the ball and aim to drop it in a square which marks their nought or cross. Aerial noughts and crosses gives your players a chance to make accurate kicks with additional tactical pressures as you build the game.  MORE

07/7/2021 | Small-sided games

50:22 game

Here’s how I’ve challenged my players’ kicking and fielding thinking with the law experiment with the 50:22 rule. MORE

How to develop and sharpen finishing 3

Finishing first

Scoring tries is too often a given skill. This session makes a virtue of good body positions. It creates a hard session which the players will enjoy because of the obvious potential outcomes, scoring tries. Your team will also learn how to protect the ball close to line and how to coordinate a last ditch defence. MORE

How to attack around the corner 2

Attack around the corner

Any player who loops around another or peels round from a lineout, is running around a corner. That corner is defended by just one player. Attacking around the corner creates an extra attacker. If the corner is taken sharply, without much loss of pace, then there is good chance for a break. This session develops those skills. MORE

How to use quick turnover ball 2

Turnover: One, two – attack!

Turnover ball can be as important an attacking weapon as clean setpiece ball. Quick use of the turnover ball can make it even more potent. This session builds on the tactic of clearing the ball from the danger area with two passes. The final game adds in the key factor of not knowing exactly when the turnover is going to occur. MORE

06/14/2021 | Warm Ups

Create themes for your warm ups

Even young players need to do warm ups. But don’t let them become boring. Instead, build themes for players to follow to allow them to access the benefits of a good preparation for training or matches.  MORE

07/28/2021 | Rugby coaching

10 lessons from Italy

Italy may have a poor international record, but there's plenty of great ideas and methods that we can learn from their approach to the coaching and training. MORE

07/25/2021 | Round-up Rodeo with Phil Llewellyn

Roundup Rodeo Ep55: Reviewing the best content

Host Phil Llewellyn with guests review some of the many great podcasts, books, articles and webinars from the last week.  This week's guests: Ian Ridge, Community Football Coach and Sports Coaching Masters Student at Worcester University and Tom Reid, Head Coach Stourbridge Ladies Football Club and Sports Coaching Masters Student at Worcester University. The team pick out the key takeaways from each piece of great content and discuss how it can be applied to coaching. MORE

07/19/2021 |

GLT21: Coaching thoughts on 50:22

How will you react to the Global Law Trials. Some of our contributors give their view on how it will impact on the teams you might coach. MORE


Sessions that develop better tackle height

The RFU has brought forward plans to reduce the tackle height at age grade rugby to below the armpits. Talking to experienced school coaches in particular, they don't see much change in the impact on the game as a whole. However, it is an excellent opportunity to reexamine your tackle technique training. MORE


Better communication and support

If our players communicated more effectively, then the ball carrier would know when to pass or when to take contact. Create more opportunities for this to happen by making it matter. The best exercises provide chances for players to see the value in calling for the ball. Here are four good activities to use. MORE


Lions’ selection: The coach’s joy and pain

Did Warren Gatland pick the right players for the British and Irish Lions summer tour to South Africa? His team of selectors will have been looking at balance and the style that they want to play. They might not pick the best players but more likely combinations that will complement each other. MORE

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