Passing under pressure

U11–U12 | HANDLING 3

Get players used to fixing a defender by running straight and attacking his inside shoulder, then passing in front of a player running on to the ball

  1. Put two attackers, 2m apart, on one side of the 6m x 4m area. Position a ruck pad holder on the other side of the area 4m from the first attacker. Position a feeder to the side of the area 2m from the first attacker.

Passing under pressure 1

  1. When you say “go”, the first attacker accelerates directly at the ruck pad holder, who also advances at pace.
  2. As the players advance, the ball is fed to the attacker about 1m from the ruck pad holder and, just before contact, he passes the ball to the second attacker who is running in support.

Passing under pressure 2

  1. Repeat from both ends of the area, making sure every player tries out every role.
  2. Develop by varying the length of pass the first attacker has to make – short or long.

Passing under pressure-3 fixed

  1. When mastered, play a 3v2 so the first and second receivers are under intense pressure from the pad holders and have to move the ball quickly to the third attacker. Or, the ruck pad holders can move onto the next defender. The ball carrier can dummy pass and go himself.

Passing under pressure 4

You will need

  • A 6m x 4m area
  • 1 ball
  • Cones
  • 2 ruck pads

Got more players?

Have players lining up to take their turn, or set up more areas if you have enough ruck pads.

What to tell your players

“Reach for the ball to take it early”
“Try and run at match pace”
“Look where you’re passing”

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