Rugby fitness drills to improve leg power

Here are four rugby training drills to increase leg power and build up players fitness for areas such as scrummaging, jumping and tackling.

Jump squat

Players perform a squat drill and from the bottom point they push up explosively, getting as much height off the ground as possible. On landing they regain their balance and repeat the drill. Do three or four in a set and not more than three sets in a session.

Up, hit and drive

Players work in pairs. One holds a ruck shield while the other player works. The working player lies on the ground one metre from the bag. On “GO” they get up as fast as possible and drive the bag back for three or four steps. Reset and repeat the drill three times before swapping over.

Resisted run

Players work in pairs with one player running and the other behind providing resistance. The player at the back holds the working player with a strong grip on the sides of the waistband. It should be hard for the player to run but not impossible. Run for three or four metres resisted and then let go after a 3-2-1 countdown.


Players hop on one leg and try to get as much distance between each step as possible. Hop over a five metre distance and players should get three or four hops in. Don’t do more than three repetitions in a drill and make sure you work both legs equally.


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