Hungry Cavemen

The Rules

Mark out two “caves” at each end of the playing area. Divide your players into teams of four and nominate a catcher (the “caveman”) from each team to stand in the cave. Each team has to get the ball to their caveman.

Opposition players can intercept and knock the ball down to win it. Dropped passes also mean the teams change possession. Players cannot grab the ball from each other though.

If the cavemen leaves the cave or another player enters it, it’s a foul. In which case, give the non offending team a free pass to their caveman.

Set Up

Area: 12m x 12m.
Equipment: 1 ball, bibs (if available).
Players: 6 to 12 – two teams of 3 to 6.


  • 1 point each time a team gets the ball to their caveman.

What to Call Out

  • “Hold the ball in two hands”
  • “Pass by swinging the ball across your body rugby style”
  • “Make it easy to catch your pass”
  • “To catch a pass, hold your hands up as a target”
  • “Try to keep the ball moving as it is the target”
  • “Look for space”
  • “Keep your head up to see what’s going on”

Coaching Tips

Make sure you change over the cavemen regularly, so everyone gets a chance to be in the cave and on the pitch.


Fun mini rugby games for 5 to 8 year olds

Hungry cavemen - part 1

The cavemen wait to be fed.

Hungry cavemen - part 2

Each team has to get the ball to their caveman.

Hungry cavemen - part 3

Players intercept and knock down passes to win possession.

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