Tackle testing

Randomise your 1 v 1, 1 v 2 and 2 v 2 tackle training with this exercise. Its quick-fire nature gives players little chance to think and makes for an active session.

Because the players come from a low position, it reduces the impact. Also, you can double up tacklers, so give weaker tacklers more of a chance.

  1. Put a defender on each coloured cone spaced about 2m apart back from the box.
  2. Other defenders line up behind ready to fill in.
  3. Do the same with attackers on the other side of the box.
  4. Stand at the side of the box, and call out a number and one or two colours. The number says how many attackers are going to come forward (mostly one).
  5. The colour says which defender is coming forward.
  6. You can have one or two defenders coming forward at a time.

  1. Pass the ball to the attacker once he is on his feet.
  2. You can feed it to him in any way, perhaps throwing it on the ground or behind him.
  3. The defenders aim to stop the ball carrier before he gets to the end of the box, but should aim to tackle him to ground if not.
  4. As soon as the tackle is completed, shout “clear”, and the players remove themselves and join the back of the line (attackers become defenders and vice versa).

  1. Call forward more players, so sometimes you can mix weak and strong tacklers.
  2. Use up to three attackers. With more than one attacker, they are allowed to pass or offload.


  • Eyes open all the time.
  • Aim for shoulder impact and firm grip.
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