Crouch-bind-set: RUCK!

By Ian Diddams, RFU coach tutor with over 20 years experience in coaching at grassroots level

Get your front rows’ minds on the new scrum binding and then what happens once the scrum is over – which might be winning the next ruck.

Why use it

Players have to concentrate on set piece and then second phase to switch their focus. A front rower is always in the game!

Set up

A 5m square with an 8m x 3m box 3m away with a ball and some cones.

Crouch-bind-set: RUCK!

How to do it

Put two pairs of front rowers against each other on the middle of each edge of the 5m square. Put a ball carrier at one end of the 8m x 3m box with a tackler in the middle. Go through the scrum engagement sequence (crouch-bind-set) and then players push (see picture 1).

Shout out a letter, A, B or C. That is the signal for the forwards to break and support or defend in what will become a 3v3 game. In the meantime, the ball carrier runs into the box and aims for the try line at the far end (see picture 2).

The tackler runs to the letter called, turns and tackles. The ball carrier can try and score himself, pass to his support or set up a ruck (see picture 3).

Play full contact until a try is scored or the ball is won by either side. Rotate defenders and attackers.


  • Focus on good body shape in the set piece
  • Break, assess and arrive quickly from the right angle
  • Body height and leg drive in all forms of contact – keep going forward with hips and shoulders in line.
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