Catch and pass

U11–U12 | HANDLING 1

Get your players used to passing to a target and running on to the pass at pace, ensuring hands adjust to meet the ball

  1. Set out a 5m square area. Put player 1 in the middle on the left side, player 2 in the middle on the start line and player 3 in the middle on the right side.
  2. Stage 1 (walking) – Give player 1 a ball. When you say “go”, he passes the ball to player 2 who catches and walks about three-quarters of the way across the area before passing back to player 3.


Catch and pass 1

  1. Player 2 walks to the end of the area, turns, gets a pass from player 3, walks on and passes to player 1.
  2. Increase the speed the player in the middle moves, receives and passes. When proficient, increase the length of the pass by making the area bigger, then add another passer to make two players in the middle.

Catch and pass 2

  1. Stage 2 – Introduce a defender who will provide pressure by moving forward from challenge player 2. Again, player 1 passes to player 2 who catches and passes to player 3 under pressure from the defender. Start at walking pace and develop into a run to increase the intensity of the skill.

Catch and pass 3

You will need

  • A 5m square area
  • 1 ball
  • Cones
  • Bib (optional for stage 2)

Got more players?

Set out more 5m areas and run more games.

What to tell your players

“Keep your hands out and chest high”
“Receive the ball early”
“Look at the receiver as you pass”
“Transfer your hands across the chest and pass”

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