Rule reminders for problematic rugby laws

Reminder 1: The referee

A referee is there to interpret the laws of the game and will use their better judgment to do so. They are not helped, perhaps, by the constant tinkering with the Laws of the Game.

Reminder 2: Knocking on with the knee

The ball onto the knee is regarded as a knock on. This ruling was clarified by the IRB in a note to the WRU in December 2004.

So a player cannot kick the ball with the knee, or control a bouncing ball, which subsequently goes forward, without it being regarded as a knock on.

Reminder 3: Scrum half at the lineout

Any player standing in the scrum half (9) position at their own lineout can come into the lineout to jump or "support" a jumper. The non throwing side can only bring a player into the line in similar circumstances, if the throwing side does the same.

Reminder 4: Decoy runners and crossing

A player can pass behind a player on their own side and onto another player, as long as the decoy runners (dummy runners) do not cause any form of obstruction to potential tacklers.

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