Activities for U10 players

After one year of tackling, the players are now moving onto rucks, and in some parts of the world, mauling.

A ruck is where a player from each competes for the ball which is on the ground after a tackle, but cannot put their hands on the ball.

In the adult version of the game, there are 19 ruck laws! However, at this stage you only need to be aware of around five. See how our guide to rucking for the first time here.

For a guide to under 10s rugby, see our approach to coaching under 10s.

For the key skills, go to this link.

Remember, the players should be playing games more than doing just drills. There are plenty to choose from below!

Topping the tackle

in Rugby drills, Tackling

A defender who finishes on top of the tackle is a valuable asset, because he’ll be quicker to join the next phase of the game. Help players learn the skill and understand the benefits with this activity. MORE

VIDEO: Learning to tackle with walking the line

in Rugby drills, Tackling

Tacklers need to feel confident that the right technique works. This is more difficult when they are practising with static targets. Part of the reason why a ball carrier goes to ground is that they are unbalanced, and so it's much easier to bring a moving player down to the ground. MORE

What are the new skills for under 10s

in Rugby drills

New skills Full tackle (completing the tackle) 1 v 1 ruck 2 v 1 and 2 v 2 mauls (RFU rules) Tackle jackle (stealing the ball from the tackled players before a ruck is formed) Body position into contact to avoid a maul Scrum profiles Core skills from U9s rugby Ball placement Short passing Passing... MORE

Learn to pick and support

in Rugby drills

Develop your players’ ability to get into the best positions to support the ball carrier. They have to react to the speed of the ball carrier and his likely pass, so good communication is imperative. MORE

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