Introducing tackling


Get players used to making and taking tackles correctly by working backwards through the tackle

  1. Put your players into pairs and ask them to get into space. Tell them to decide who will be the tackler and who will be the attacker. Start with the players on the ground, with the tackler in a good finish position and the attacker holding the ball.

Introducing tackling part 1 complete

  1. The tackler crouches and puts his arms around the attacker’s legs. The attacker does a parachute roll and the tackler just topples over with him.

Introducing tackling part 2 complete

  1. The attacker starts upright, the tackler crouches with arms ready but not touching the attacker. Then the tackler moves forwards, nudges his shoulder into the attacker’s legs and wraps his arms around them. Attacker falls with this momentum and the tackler lands on top.

Introducing tackling part 3 complete

  1. As step 3, but the tackler starts upright and steps into the tackle.
  2. The attacker walks forward towards the tackle and the tackler takes a step into the tackle and repeats step 4.

Introducing tackling part 4 complete

  1. Develop by moving from walking, to jogging to higher speeds and closing from increasing distances.

Introducing tackling part 5 complete

You will need

  • Plenty of space, preferably with soft ground
  • 1 ball per pair
  • Bibs (optional)

Got more players?

Just add more pairs, making sure they all have enough space.

What to tell your players

“Keep your head behind or to the side of the attacker”
“Drive into the tackle with your feet”

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