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From tackling to handling, all require decision-making under pressure.

So look out for handling games, tackling games, rucking games, kicking games and even fitness games.

Do or die game

in Small-sided games

Use this blocked attack game (one team attacks for a period of time) to challenge players to apply the principles of play under pressure. The attacking team get extra “lives” for good support when they score tries. MORE

Use scenarios to engage players

in Small-sided games, Tactics

Scenarios offer a great way of engaging your players in games. By putting the players in a specific point of a well known match, they get the opportunity to develop their game management. For younger players, scenarios give them the opportunity to be their favourite players of their favourite teams. For older players, scenarios give them the opportunity to challenge their decision making with regards to the score-line and also how to deal with specific threats or weaknesses in future opposition. MORE

NFL touch

in Small-sided games

Using an NFL theme of gaining ground for each attack, this skills game focuses on the principle of support. It encourages players to focus on pass and follow actions and understand what good support looks and sounds like. MORE

Warm-up Rondos

in Rugby drills, Small-sided games, Warm Ups

Originating in football, the Rondo is a small sided game that encourages many touches of the ball and can be easily constrained to impact the desired outcomes. Use them as a starter activity, getting players to self-organise into these simple games to work on their catch/pass skills under pressure. MORE

Aerial noughts and crosses

in Kicking & Catching, Small-sided games

Improve your kicking with a game of aerial noughts and crosses. Teams take it in turns to kick the ball and aim to drop it in a square which marks their nought or cross. Aerial noughts and crosses gives your players a chance to make accurate kicks with additional tactical pressures as you build the game.  MORE

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