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We have: Adaptive games, game scenarios, touch rugby games, mini games, small-sided games, warm up games.

From tackling to handling, all require decision-making under pressure.

So look out for handling games, tackling games, rucking games, kicking games and even fitness games.

Evasive games to suit forwards

in Small-sided games

When you want to work on evasive skills, the low-numbered players, like the front row, don’t get much of a look in if they are pitted against faster players. You need to adapt and still make the game worthwhile. MORE

4 keys to games for learning

in Rugby coaching, Small-sided games

Help your players gain a better understanding of the game, using games and with these four key intertwined approaches. It all leads to better problem-solving under pressure in matches. Use of a variety of games and activities deliberately creating a chaotic environment rather than a planned/structured one. This allows players to learn through discovery, experimentation,... MORE

Five part contact session

in Contact, Rugby drills, Small-sided games

Use this mix of games and wrestle contests to develop your team’s contact skills. You will become more clinical at the breakdown and create quicker ruck ball. The role of the first and second player at the tackle area often determines your speed of ball. Win the race and be technically good. MORE

Mission impossible

in Small-sided games

Set challenges where an under-powered attack has to break down the defence. Break off into smaller groups to isolate the skills before returning to a conditioned game. MORE

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