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We have: Adaptive games, game scenarios, touch rugby games, mini games, small-sided games, warm up games.

From tackling to handling, all require decision-making under pressure.

So look out for handling games, tackling games, rucking games, kicking games and even fitness games.

Deck hands

in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games

Ged Hall challenges players to be effective in finding space and passing, either on their feet or from the ground (the deck!). Good for fitness as well as decision-making. Deck hands is seemingly a very simple game to play, but beneath its simple exterior is a game that challenges players physically, mentally, tactically and technically. MORE

Two games to change the picture

in Small-sided games

Twenty years of writing about coaching makes you reflective. I did use games 20 years ago. I invented some at the time, and still use variations of them. You would think by now I would have seen them all. MORE

Game: Don’t get tagged!

in Small-sided games, Warm Ups

Use this quick-to-set-up game, including an easy-to-adapt playground element, with rewards and forfeits thrown in. This is a game I will use at the start of sessions as a pulse raiser, sprint activation and to develop realistic evasion skills. It takes less than a minute to set up and can be played with three or more players. MORE

Game: Switch or attack the same way

in Small-sided games

Use this game and its variation to create opportunities for players to make decisions on when to attack open or go back to the blindside. Create opportunities to stretch the defence and then attack where they are weakest. MORE

Take out tacklers to improve defensive units

in Defence, Small-sided games

If you have good tacklers but a poor defensive unit, use this game where small groups of defenders have to work hard to prevent tries as a team, says Craig Newby, Ulster skills coach. Using shorter, sharper sessions means players can concentrate on getting things right and also play at match-like intensity. This type of session is also far more enjoyable and means players give their all. MORE

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