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From tackling to handling, all require decision-making under pressure.

So look out for handling games, tackling games, rucking games, kicking games and even fitness games.

Space race

in Attack, Small-sided games

Players must win the race to the best space when attacking. In defence, players must work early, scan early and look to close space to force errors. Attackers seek space, defenders take it away. This is also true over the ball. Run this game over a series of sessions to gain the most benefit as the players develop their understanding of the tactical implications. MORE

Introducing Quick Coach

in Small-sided games

Here’s a series of super-quick activities to set up and use to mix up your training to keep all your players occupied. Ideal to hand out to your co-coaches and aimed at a range of core skills in game-like contexts. Here. is a series of what I’ve called Quick Coach. They are mini-activities aimed at four to six players. The aim is to provide you with a bank of breakout exercises you can run during your session. They should only last around five minutes, but the key is that they are very quick to set up and can be run by any coach in your group. They can even be run by one of the players if appropriate. MORE

Quick Coach: Mini dogs

in Small-sided games

“Attackers aim to get to the other side without being two-hand touched. If touched, they join the defence. The defenders start facing away with two or more defenders” MORE

Three CARDS games

in Small-sided games

Here are three versions of popular training games to help your players develop their creativity, awareness, resilience, decision making and self-organisation. In other words, the RFU coaching development core messages. To run the games, quickly explain the set-up of the game and then let the players layout the pitch. This promotes a certain amount of buy-in, whilst you will be directing them. For example, I show them a layout on a piece of paper, and they interpret it. MORE

Best space attack game

in Small-sided games

Here’s a game I’ve been using in training around decision making at the breakdown in defence and attacking the best space when in possession. It is best delivered over a six to eight week block to embed the learning in both attack and defence. MORE

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