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So look out for handling games, tackling games, rucking games, kicking games and even fitness games.

Take out tacklers to improve defensive units

in Defence, Small-sided games

If you have good tacklers but a poor defensive unit, use this game where small groups of defenders have to work hard to prevent tries as a team, says Craig Newby, Ulster skills coach. Using shorter, sharper sessions means players can concentrate on getting things right and also play at match-like intensity. This type of session is also far more enjoyable and means players give their all. MORE

Cliff edge fitness game

in Fitness & Conditioning, Small-sided games

Sharpen minds and bodies by reducing defensive numbers and replacing entire attacks when things go wrong - and do it all at an intense pace. This recreates the pressure of the final minutes of a match with non-stop defence and attack. It improves physical fitness and sharpens the discipline required to attack and defend well. MORE

Simple change games

in Small-sided games

Use these two “change” games to create different problems to challenge players to think about more than just executing skills. Ideal for all ages, you might find some attractive solutions. These games are quick to set up and the rules are very obvious. The solutions to win aren’t though. And they are different for both teams. Ideal to make your players think more. MORE

Quick Coach: Drag-get

in Contact, Rugby drills, Small-sided games

A ball carrier on the ground aims to hold the ball while another player tries to rip it away. If it is ripped, the ball carrier attacks to win 1 v 1. If they lose their grip, the player on the ground pops up the ball to their team-mate, who aims to score 1 v 1. MORE

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