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Quick Coach: Wolf v the hero

in Rugby drills, Small-sided games

The wolf (the defender) aims to bring down the hero and steal the ball. The hero aims to save the ball and then, after a count of five, pass to a teammate. The wolf wins if they bring down the hero, steal the ball or force them out of the edges or starting end of the box. MORE

How to create a session using a Digital Video...

in Small-sided games

A Digital Video Games Approach (DVGA) borrows design features from video game design and uses these features to design practices for players on the field. However, to make the best use of the way digital video game designers get the ‘gamer’ to think, we need to understand the design process in depth. Amy Price of and Dan Cottrell explain how to do this. MORE

Quick Coach: Back to front 2v1s

in Attack, Small-sided games

“The supporting player starts in front of the ball carrier, while the defender has his back to the attack. When you shout play, with the supporting player walking forward and the defender out of position, the players will have to think quickly to come up with winning solutions.” MORE

3D touch rugby for better go forward

in Small-sided games

Change your try lines so they extend up the edges of the pitch to create a new sort of challenge for the players. The initial outcomes may seem strange, yet you may find the longer-term benefits help your team’s go forward. MORE

Any line touch rugby

in Attack, Small-sided games

Create a fatiguing decision-making exercise for your players. In this 4 v 2 game, the players have 90 seconds to score as many tries as possible but can choose which line to attack each time. MORE

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