Defensive tips for your rugby sevens team

Subdue before support

Objective: Realigning in defence after the ball has been moved away

Set up a 3v3 in a 20-metre wide channel next to the touchline. Spread out another four attackers across the rest of the pitch, with three more defenders at the edge of the channel.

Initially, play touch rugby in the 3v3 channel. When there is a tackle, the attacking team passes the ball to the attackers on the rest of the pitch. All the players now become active with full contact tackles.

The defence has to hold and push the attack across to the far touchline, while their team mates run back into defensive positions.


A three-man hold

Objective: Holding the attack until the rest of the defence is in position

Use the whole pitch. Put seven attackers along the 10-metre line facing the posts. Put three defenders on the 22-metre line and another three on the halfway line.

Get the attackers to pass the ball between them up and down the line. When you shout “GO”, make them attack the posts. The defenders in front of them have to hold them while the other defenders run back to get into position.

This article is from Colin Hillman’s Expert Guide to Sevens.

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