Rugby back row move to score tries

Why it works

From a scrum with a 15m or greater blindside, a swift 8 and 9 can quickly get into the space between the scrum and normally the lone defender. The 8’s run draws a back row defender to create a 2v1 for your 9 and 14. With the defending 15 likely to be covering the midfield, this may give 14 a free run to the line.

Good if you have

  • A quick 8 who can pass well.
  • A quick 9 who can attack gaps.
  • A fast 14.
  • A scrum that can wheel slightly so the tight head side gets ahead of the loose head.

What players should do

  • The 9 puts the ball into the scrum and then arcs round the back of it and to the right. Meanwhile, as soon as the ball is at his feet, 8 picks and goes right.
  • The 9 takes a pass from 8 and attacks the inside shoulder of the opposition 11. If the opposition 11 is drawn in, 9 passes to 14. Otherwise 9 continues his run.
  • 14 stands close to the touchline. He waits until 9 receives the ball before running forward to support 9, possibly to take the pass.

Common mistakes

  • The scrum wheels the wrong way, so 8 has a long way to go to attack. In which case, cancel the call.
  • 8 runs too far with the ball.
  • 14 stands too close or runs too early. He must maintain his position to keep his marker guessing.

Think about

  • 14 looking to switch with 9.
  • 9 kicking ahead for 14, especially if the opposition has put another defender on the blindside.

9 feeds the scrum and races around the back.

8 picks up, runs a short distance and passes to 9.

9 attacks the opposition winger and passes to 14 or goes himself.

This session is from Rugby Attack! The tried and tested moves in Rugby Attack! are designed to be run from set pieces and in open play.

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