How to coach a rugby backs move called rangy

This move is best from

  • Outside your 22.

Why it works

10 and 12, because they run together, draw their two defenders together. Since 10 is drifting out as well, it increases the gap between the edge of the forwards and the inside edge of the back line. This is ideal for a strong running 13 to race through.

Good if you have

  • A 10 and 12 who work well together.
  • Run a move beforehand where 12 is passed the ball to run at the defence.
  • A 13 who runs straight lines and likes running through traffic.

What players should do

  • 10 and 12 work in unison, moving forward initially before running across the pitch.
  • 12 needs to be no more than a few metres from 10, and keen to get his hands on the ball.
  • 13 waits until 10 and 12 move sideways before starting his run in behind them to take the switch pass from 10.
  • The pass from 10 can be long or short, but 10 must sight 13 earlier than he would a normal “switch pass” to allow for the angles involved.

Common mistakes

  • 10 and 12 run sideways straight away.
  • 13 starts too early, so 10 cannot pass to him because he has overrun.

In this rugby drill, think about:

10 passing to 12 after dummy passing to 13.

10 dummying to 13 and passing across 12 to 15.

10 dummying to 13 and popping the ball to 11, arriving in between 10 and 12.

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