Passing & Handling

When it comes to coaching fundamentals, you don’t get much more fundamental than passing. Players aren’t all blessed with lightning pace or accurate kicking skills, but every player should be able to pass. The passing drills and handling activities in this section provide countless ways to improve your players passing and handling skills.

How to ruck and time preceding support runs 2

Ruck, support and pass

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Winning the ruck is one thing. Timing runs from the back of the ruck is even harder. Here is a core session that works on players taking the pass from a ruck and going into a second contact situation with support. It works for the whole squad and builds on good rucking techniques. MORE

Beat the lone runner

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Use this passing game to encourage accurate, fast passing developing into passing at pace, both by going forward and moving the ball laterally. Lots of passing practice doesn’t reward accurate passing. Unless the pass isn’t executed well, the passing group won’t beat the lone runner. MORE

How to run straight lines or angles 1

Straight lines or angles?

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Players sometimes try to be too complicated when there may be easier ways to move the ball into space. This session works on developing running and passing skills against different defences. Players should run angles at a defensive overload and straight lines if they have an overlap. MORE

Passing chaos

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Develop your players’ ability to pass with their heads up to see what’s coming. Help them pass in corridors of traffic but with limited chances of collisions. Avoiding collisions means looking ahead, but still looking to take a pass. Expect mistakes as players don’t focus on what’s in front of them enough. MORE

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