Passing & Handling

When it comes to coaching fundamentals, you don’t get much more fundamental than passing. Players aren’t all blessed with lightning pace or accurate kicking skills, but every player should be able to pass. The passing drills and handling activities in this section provide countless ways to improve your players passing and handling skills.

U11-U16 Catching the High Ball

U11-U16 Catching the high ball

Get your players used to getting into the “T” shape and making a cradle when catching a high ball. 1. Divide players into groups of three and give each group a ball. Tell each group to get into a 15m triangle and kick the ball high to each other in rotation. 2. Once players are […]

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Shouty Keep Ball

5v5 “Shouty keep ball”

From Rugby Coach Weekly Use this simple game to work on communication, movement and handling skills. It is noisy, fun and gets the players active quickly and is one of my best 5v5 games. Why use it Quick to set up, this game can be used as a part of a warm-up or as an […]

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3 Best Lines After Passing

3 best lines after passing

Do your players admire their pass? Develop the support running line as part of your bread and butter passing activities and insist it is done immediately after delivering the ball. Why use it? Running a support line after passing gets players back in the action straight away and enables the passer to become a receiver […]

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Box drills to build close game skills

Boxes are one of the most simple and effective training tools to develop your close game skills. They are excellent for developing short passing skills, close contact skills, rucking technique and support play.The following box drill is a great way to start to build all these skills.

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