Passing & Handling

When it comes to coaching fundamentals, you don’t get much more fundamental than passing. Players aren’t all blessed with lightning pace or accurate kicking skills, but every player should be able to pass. The passing drills and handling activities in this section provide countless ways to improve your players passing and handling skills.

Daisy cutters

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Having to receive a low pass at knee level or below (a “daisy cutter” pass) happens no matter how much your team practises. Help your players prepare to cope with this type of pass so they never drop the ball or knock on and keep the attack moving. This is achieved by turning a poor pass into a good pass in one smooth movement. MORE

How to increase the variety of passing 3

Pass, pop, pass

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Passing is not a regulation activity. There are different distances to pass depending on the defence in front of the player. Mix up these distances in exercises to challenge your players in more game realistic situations. MORE

Bank the pass

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Dropped passes are often the result of pressure being put on the receiver. Simulate this pressure in training to encourage better technique and concentration in the match. I use this session to teach my players to keep their hands out to catch early and yet still look ahead. MORE

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