Passing & Handling

When it comes to coaching fundamentals, you don’t get much more fundamental than passing. Players aren’t all blessed with lightning pace or accurate kicking skills, but every player should be able to pass. The passing drills and handling activities in this section provide countless ways to improve your players passing and handling skills.

Pass, short, medium or long

Pass, short, medium or long

in Passing & Handling

Develop passing over different distances while fixing a defender. The support player has to adjust his angle of run and call for the ball too.   Why use it   Initially, the activity works on the basics of passing different distances. The passer has to sight the receiver as well as listening to the call.... MORE

Hot box feet-1

Hot box feet

in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games

This is constantly moving warm up game, which can be replicated across lots of boxes. It works on passing anticipation, because no player is allowed to stand still or take a pass standing still. MORE

Rule of 2's-1

Rule of 2s

in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games

This offload touch game is a good way to get your players into the mindset of always looking for the offload in contact. It’s a fast paced game to get your players breathing hard before the main session, or to finish off training with some fun. MORE

Gather and go-1

Gather and go

in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games

The ball is on the ground plenty of times in a match, but rarely is the pick up practised under extreme pressure. To be successful at this game players will need to change their body shapes, so as to gather the ball from the ground more effectively. MORE

Triangle turnovers-1

Triangle turnovers

in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games

Three-on-three touch rugby places the onus on the attack. Players have to work extra hard to make overlaps or get into space. With only one tackle and quick turnovers, there is a premium on fitness and accuracy in this game. MORE

Fast slow fast-1

Fast, slow, fast

in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games

In confined spaces, a player who can release the ball quickly creates more chances for continuity without taking contact. This game creates an intensely competitive atmosphere, with players looking for unusual passing solutions. MORE

48 key


in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games

As an attack moves forward, the lateral space reduces as the defence fills in behind. However, the space then opens up once the defensive line is breached. You can recreate this scenario by using funnels as the boundaries. MORE

Boxed in-1

Boxed in

in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games

This game works on communication, handling skills and vision. Because the attack has no depth, the defenders can often be amongst them, meaning normally lateral passing becomes less effective. You should see some interesting solutions. MORE

Neat and tidy-1

Neat and tidy

in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games

Not every pass is accurate. Players sometimes have to make the best of a dropped or missed pass. This game concentrates on players picking up the ball and going forward, despite attention coming from any direction. MORE

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