Fun rugby games

We recommend Fun Rugby Games as a regular part of your coaching program – fun should always be high on your agenda as a coach.

As a subscriber to this website you get access to 75 Fun Rugby Games for age groups from U5 to U15. If a subscription is not for you, visit our shop where you can buy the same games in printed and ebook formats.

Below are some great fun games. They teach kids skills but they’re all about having fun while they learn. With these games in your locker, you can’t be accused of running a boring coaching session.

Cover tackle chaos-1

Cover tackle chaos

in Fun rugby games, Tackling

We spend a lot of time coaching players to avoid contact when ball carrying but there are times when an attacker has to run at an opponent, so prepare defenders for their 1v1 battles. MORE

Obstacle course-1

Obstacle course

in Fun rugby games, Small-sided games

Sometimes players will arrive to support an attack at different times. This game delays support by making players perform tasks, pick up a loose ball then use arriving team mates to beat defenders. MORE

Fast feet

in Fun rugby games, Small-sided games

No player likes to be tackled when carrying the ball, so arm them with evasion skills. This game promotes fast feet by changing stride patterns at pace while working on passing and communication. MORE

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