Core skills

Perfect ball presentation

in Contact, Core skills

Quick ruck ball starts with flawless presentation. In the latest in our technical series, we explain how to ensure your players are spot on with their technique so that the 9 gets the ball on a plate… MORE

X-factor placement tips

in Contact, Core skills

Add extra bite to your players’ ball-placement technique by giving them these X-factor ideas. Every detail makes a difference to the speed and quality of your possession at the ruck. MORE

Get the tackle X-factor

in Core skills, Tackling

If the tackler can win the first part of the impact, they can manipulate the ball carrier – slowing down possession or even winning the ball back. Here are four ways to make a bigger impact… MORE

Tackle impact and grip

in Core skills, Tackling

Use these two activities to work on the tackle impact and grip for a front-on and side-on tackle. They’re good exercises to use before more intense tackle work and can form part of your warm-up. MORE

Recover your own kick

in Core skills, Kicking & Catching

Kicking the ball doesn’t have to mean conceding possession. In the final part of our series on catching, we look at how to win back the ball from two main types of kick – the box kick and “chip and chase”. MORE

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