Positional awareness

in Attack, U12+

The 10 has to know where to stand for the pass. So improve your back-line alignment based on what defence they’re facing: play flat if the defence is on the back foot, or deep if it’s on the front foot… MORE

Tackle good, recover well, tackle again

in Rugby drills, Tackling, U12+

Turn your players into dominating tacklers capable of stopping the opposition on the gain line and winning turnovers. Develop player’s ability to dominate the tackle and get into position to compete for the ball afterwards. Then, improve your players’ decision making at the tackle and their knowledge of the tackle laws. MORE

Jump and field

in Kicking & Catching, Rugby drills, U12+

Every time the catcher has to jump to take the ball, he risks losing it. Use this simple exercise and extension to put pressure on the catcher and any challenger as well. By Dan Cottrell ACTIVITY ŒOne player throws the ball over two ruck pad holders are advancing The catcher comes forward ŽThe catcher jumps... MORE

B defender decisions

in Defence, Rugby drills, U12+

This session concentrates on the “B” defender, the one who is second out from the side of a defensive ruck. His role is to either stop the 9 running or, if the 9 passes, close down the space inside the 10. MORE

Stay on your feet

in Contact, Rucking & Mauling, Rugby drills, U12+

Not all mauls are set up from lineouts. Sometimes a player stays on his feet through the first contact and is then held up. He should choose whether to drive on with support, or go to ground. This session works on staying on the feet. By Dan Cottrell CHALLENGE Retain possession in contact while going... MORE

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