Clever reload move from a lineout to attack the blindside

Bring your quick winger into the game by hiding him at the back of a ruck and then unleashing him down the blindside. Run a play into the midfield from a scrum or lineout. Put your winger behind the ruck and then, as you go back blind, pass to him behind the forwards. The opposition winger will be marking too many options.

  1. Go into midfield from your set piece. Use up to five players to go to the ruck and look to play to the open side.
  2. However, leave two forwards (F) from the set piece on the blindside as well as the hooker (2).
  3. Have the blindside winger (W) go in behind the 9 at the ruck.

  1. When 9 picks and runs to the blindside, W arcs out and around, behind F and F.
  2. The two forwards wait on the blindside and run up and in towards 9 who passes long behind them to W who runs with the 2 down the sideline.

There are several options:

  1. The 9 passes to and loops behind the first forward who passes back to the 9, who then feeds W.
  2. F and F take the pass, dummy and go forward themselves. 3. The first forward takes the pass and passes himself to W.


  • The two forwards attack from flat.
  • W is outside the forwards when he receives the pass.
  • 2 holds his position wide.
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