Attack the inside edge

When the 9 runs, it creates an extra player in the line. So exploit that to create gaps between the opposition 10 and open-side flanker at the scrum. This play should be used from a left-side scrum.

The angles run here will give your back-line options to attack their weakest tackler or take the ball wide.

Start by running this move at half pace and without any defence.

When ready, add a defence, comprising a four-man back-line and an open-side flanker.

  1. First, 8 passes to 9, who has run around from the left side of the scrum.

  1. The 9 has options to pass to 12 or 11.The 12 and 11 should call if they feel the pass is on.
  2. The 12 runs out and then cuts in on a hard line towards the outside shoulder of their 10.
  3. Your 11 tracks behind 10 and then 12 to run on 12’s outside shoulder.

  1. 10 runs behind 12 to be in a position to pass deep to 15 (if 10 gets the ball, he can pass behind 12 and 13 to 15).
  2. 13 runs out and then cuts in to connect with 11 or 12.
  3. 15 and 14 stay deep to offer the outside option but must be ready to support 13.


  • 10 shouldn’t run laterally.
  • 11 gets in front of 10 and gets the pass just behind the shoulder-blades of 12.
  • 10 and 13 should reattach to 11 when he gets the pass.
  • 15 and 14 should keep attached to 13 when the ball goes short.
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