Turned to Stone

The Rules

Chose about one in four players to be chasers (the “spooks”). Give each spook a ball.

The spooks turn the rest of the players to “stone” by touching them with the ball on the chest or back. They cannot throw the ball and must hold it in two hands.

If turned to stone, the player stands with their legs wide apart. They can be freed by another player crawling through their legs, though this makes them vulnerable to the spooks.

Set Up

Area: 40m x 30m or small gym/games hall.
Equipment: 1 ball per 4 players, bibs (if available).
Players: Up to a class or squad size.


  • 1 point for each player turned to stone, with a 5 point bonus if all of them are turned to stone.

What to Call Out

  • “Look for space and move into it”
  • “Take short steps when changing direction”
  • “Keep your head up to see what’s going on”
  • “Use fast feet”

Coaching Tips

“Fast feet” refers to the speed of movement of the player in confined areas. Acquiring the skill will allow the ball carrier to manoeuvre away from defenders, defenders to get into better positions to make tackles. Jason Robinson (England) and Shane Williams (Wales) are typically regarded as players with fast feet.


Fun mini rugby games for 5 to 8 year olds

Turned to stone - part 1

The spooks want to turn the other players to stone.

Turned to stone - part 2

Players turned to stone must stand still with their legs wide apart.

Turned to stone - part 3

They can be freed by another player crawling through their legs.

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