Touch rugby recycle

Quick hands and good running lines help finish overlaps in any form of rugby. But in touch rugby, if the movement comes to an end, quick realignment and a fast “play the ball” can also exploit space.

Not every overlap can work because sometimes the defence get their angles right. In which case, players need to react quickly and still expose gaps as the defence shifts back into place. This is a great activity for touch rugby attack.

  1. Play 4 v 3, with the attack aiming to score at the far end of the box without being touched.
  2. Two defenders stand on the middle line and one at the back.
  3. The front defenders can only move from side to side.

  1. Once the attack gets over the middle line, the rear defender can come forward.

  1. If they touch an attacker, the attack restarts on the middle line with the tackled player putting the ball through his legs.
  2. The defender who made the touch can stay opposite the attacker or run across to defend.
  3. Swap in a new group of attackers every minute and a new set of defenders every 3 minutes.


  • Attack space, but pull the ball back if the defenders cover the space.
  • Work off the ball to create depth and width after the pass.
  • Fast passes will beat the defence.
  • Pass for, not to, the receiver.
  • Flood through after the line break
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