Tiger Tails

The Rules

Each tiger has a tag belt or “tail” tucked into the back of their shorts. The tail must be visible so that other tigers can grab it.

The tigers run around inside the playing area, collecting each other’s tails by pulling them out of another tiger’s shorts. When a tiger collects a tail they add it to their own in their shorts. Other tigers can now collect how ever many tails they have.

If a tail drops on the floor any tiger can collect it. However, the first to touch the tail gets it to avoid a tug-of-war.

Tigers cannot grip their tail to stop it being collected. They need to protect their tail by sprinting away, turning and screening instead.

The game can be played to a time limit (2 minutes, say) and see which tiger has the most tails at the end.

Set Up

Area: 40m x 30m or small gym/games hall
Equipment: Tag belts (if used) or old bibs or strips of material for the tails.
Players: Up to a class or squad size.


The tiger with the most tails in their shorts wins.

What to Call Out

  • “Look for space and move into it”
  • “Take short steps when changing direction”
  • “Keep your head up to see what’s going on”

Coaching Tips

You can make your own tails from material or use old bibs. Avoid using new bibs as they might get ripped.


Fun mini rugby games for 5 to 8 year olds

Tiger tails - part 1

Each tiger has a tag or “tail” tucked into their shorts

Tiger tails - part 2

The tigers collect each others tails.

Tiger tails - part 3

The tiger with the most tails in their shorts wins.

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