Star Fighters

The Rules

Divide the players (the “star fighters”) into three teams. Distinguish between the teams with a different coloured bib or band. Give a ball to two of the teams.

Each team has to make as many passes as possible without losing the ball (the “comet”). Any player can intercept a comet. However, players cannot grab the ball from each other.

Any one team could be in possession of both balls at one time.

If a comet goes on the floor, only the nearest star fighter can pick it up.

If a comet goes out of the square, ask one star fighter to get it, to restart the game with a pass. Otherwise, all star fighters must stay within the playing square (the “galaxy”) throughout the game.

Set Up

Area: 10m x 10m.
Equipment: 2 balls, bibs (if available).
Players: 9 – three teams of 3.


Have the players call out the numbers of completed passes they make as a team in a set time.

What to Call Out

  • “Hold the ball (comet) in two hands”
  • “Pass by swinging the ball (comet) across your body rugby style”
  • “To catch a pass, hold your hands up as a target”
  • “Look for space away from rival star fighters”
  • “Keep your head up to see what’s going on”

Coaching Tips

Encourage the players to move with the ball throughout the game.


Fun mini rugby games for 5 to 8 year olds

Star fighters - part 1

Two of the three teams have a ball.

Star fighters - part 2

Each team passes as many times as possible.

Star fighters - part 3

Players can intercept the ball, but cannot grab it from another player.

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