Snakes and ladders scenario game

Use this game to help players to decide about the risks and rewards for attacking and defending certain areas of the pitch. Success allows the attack up the ladder. Fail and slide down the snake. By Dan Cottrell

  1. Six attackers start on the 22m line and they can start anywhere along the line
  2. Six defenders start on the 10m line

  1. Each of the three goal lines is 2m in front of the pitch marking
  2. Between the white cones are the ladders
  3. LADDER 1
    • Score through white cones on goal line 1 and move up to the last start line
  4. LADDER 2
    • Score through white cones on goal line 2 and get one point and choose whether to finish or go for the bonus
  5. LADDER 3
    • Score through the white cones on goal line 3 and get one point and keep the ball

  1. If two-handed touched then the ball carrier has two seconds to pass the ball
  2. If the ball carrier is touched by two defenders at the same time in the “snake zone”, then they go back two start lines


Balance risk and reward in attack and defence to execute skills under pressure.


Play between the 22m lines and inside 15m lines. Use cones to mark out “snakes” or “ladders” scoring zones. See the middle picture.


  • Split into two teams of around 6v6.
  • The attackers start on the 22m line, defence on the 10m line. The attack can start in the middle or anywhere along the line.
  • Play normal two-handed touch rugby. If a ball carrier is touched, they have two seconds to pass the ball. A touched player cannot score.
  • If the attack make an infringement, then they restart on the previous start line. If the defence make an infringement, the attack move forward one line.
  • If they score over a non-ladder line, they restart on the next start line. They can start when the defence is reset.


If the attack score through ladder line 1, they restart on start line 3.

If the attack score through ladder line 2, they score and can choose whether they want to attack from start line 3. If they choose to risk, and fail to score, they lose that point.

If the attack score through ladder line 3, they score and keep the ball, so can attack again.


If the attack is double touched opposite a ladder line, they go back to the start, apart from the last line, where they go back to start line 2.

THREE SNAKE BITES or THREE ATTACKING INFRINGEMENTS, and that’s the end of the go for the attackers.

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