Full back touch rugby to help with kick returns

Running back a kick will be an important part of any team’s attacking play. Use this game to work on the chase and the kick-return in open play.

All the top full backs will look to run poor kicks back the opposition defence. This game focuses on where they might find weaknesses and how their team mates can support them.

  1. Play touch rugby, but teams must kick if they have not scored after 5 touch tackles.

  1. Otherwise, they automatically lose possession where that tackle is made.
  2. The players on the ends of the line, who don’t think the ball is coming their way, aim to support the full back.

  1. The first tackle after the kick has been caught or fielded and run back must be a full tackle. If successful, the “ruck” is uncontested and the team in possession plays the ball away.
  2. As an option, allow the kicking team to contest for the ball.
  3. The kick returning player can pass the ball.
  4. The game of touch then continues as before.
  5. Develop by allowing the kick-returner to kick himself.
  6. If he gathers the ball he retains possession.
  7. Otherwise the first tackle must still be a full tackle.


  • Pressure the team in possession.
  • The full back should stay deep to catch the kick. He should attack where the defence is weakest – gaps or slow forwards.
  • Kickers, look to go very long OR where the full back is not. l End players, look to link with the full back.
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