You won’t choke me

This session will reduce the chance of defenders stalling an attack by holding up the ball carrier. It has two phases: initially trying to avoid contact, then getting the ball free if the tackle is made.

Your players need to work on their evasive skills to avoid the choke tackle. But at the same time, give them key points in contact to help them battle through the choke tackle if it arises.

  1. First, the attacker uses his evasive skills to get into the space either side of a ruck-pad holder.

  1. Next, allow the defender to tackle.
  2. The attacker is again looking to avoid the tackle using footwork.
  3. If he is tackled, we want the attacker to use explosive leg drive to get into the space behind the defender.
  4. He also needs to keep the ball in two hands and away from grabbing arms.

  1. Finally, a ball carrier (A1) goes forward to attack the space between two defenders.
  2. A support player (A2) reacts to what happens, either receiving an offload, clearing out or, if the tackler does get hold of the attacker, latching on and driving the carrier through the contact.


  • Aim to get to the edges of the defender.
  • Carry the ball in two hands.
  • Use leg drive to get past the defender.
  • Fight to the ground if held.
  • The support player latches on, either ripping the ball or driving the carrier forward
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