Walk in and time the jump

The best lineouts work on tempo, where the jumper arrives and explodes into action before the opposition can react. Practise throw and jump timings to build a rhythm to your sideline set piece.

If the jumper is standing in the lineout waiting, the opposition may work out what’s coming. This drill helps prevent that.

  1. Set up as above and put a thrower by the first cone on the touchline.
  2. Have a jumper walk into the first cone and then move forward.

  1. When he reaches the front cone, he jumps vertically and at the same time the hooker throws to meet the jump.

  1. The jumper puts the ball on the ground and goes to the next set of cones, where this time he walks backwards.
  2. The hooker, who has moved to the next ball, throws just before he reaches the cone, and the jumper jumps to meet the throw.
  3. This is repeated, either forward or back, down the line.
  4. Balls are returned to their start positions and the next jumper works through the cones.
  5. Adjust the distances to suit the ability of your thrower.
  6. Develop by having a 9 to deliver the ball to and, if appropriate, lifters.
  7. Finally, have a defending jumper to mirror movements.


  • Always jump vertically, not forward or back.
  • Jump and then throw at the front of the lineout.
  • Throw and then jump at the back of the lineout
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