VIDEO: The grubber kick

This session is about Increasing attacking options through grubber kicks (kicks along the ground), and turning and getting behind a flat defence which is closing you down quickly.


  1. Set out a 5 metre wide by 10 metre long box.
  2. Practice 1: The ball carrier stands at one corner and grubber kicks the ball for another player, standing at the adjacent corner, to chase. The chaser picks up the ball and both players run through the box. Repeat with the players swapping places.
  3. Practice 2: The ball carrier runs at an angle from the corner of the box, and then kicks for the other player to chase. Repeat the practice as before.
  4. Practice 3: Starting at the side of the box, the ball carrier runs forward and kicks for two players to chase. A defender must try to block the kick, first with just their legs only, and then by any means.


  • Only kick through a gap or through an angle.
  • Attack the defence and kick as late as possible.
  • Use the outside foot and drop the ball onto the foot.
  • Point the toe down on contact and strike the upper half of the ball.
  • Chaser: stay low, kick ahead if you need to, drop on the ball to score or sweep it up to run on.


  • Add another defender. The attackers can only score by kicking through and recovering the ball.
  • Start the defenders and attackers at each side of the box. They have to run around the corners before playing as the previous development.
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