Minis rugby: Teach your players how to score a tag try

This contact session is perfect for teaching U7s and U8s. Make sure you remind them to touch the ball down using both hands.

Minis rugby: Teach your players how to score a tag try

1. Divide your players into teams of four. Put the teams into lines, each line about 3m apart, on one side of the area. The player at the front of each line holds a ball.

When you say “go”, the first player in each team runs to the other side of the area, scores a try (see below for the correct technique) and then runs back to his team. He gives the ball to his next team mate who repeats the move.

Each player goes twice. When the last player returns the second time, he gives the ball to the front player and everyone sits down.

Develop by making the player score the try in the middle of the area, run to the end before turning to pick up the ball and give it to his team mate

Scoring a try

When scoring a try, a player must bend at the knees and hips and touch the ball down using both hands. If the ball doesn’t move after it is put down, it shows the player is in control.

Note: Laws of tag rugby

  • A player must not dive to score.
  • A player can score with one step after beign tagged.

This activity is from EasiCoach Rugby Skills Activities U7 Mini-Tag & U8 Mini-Tag, click here to find out more about the EasiCoach series.

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