Our tackling TOP TEN activities, drills and tips

We’ve got over 600 drills, activities, tips, tactics and games on the site about tackling.

So, while we love all of them, here’s our top ten.

1 Learning to tackle low impact game

Let’s start at the beginning for young players learning their way into the game. One of our favourites because we’ve seen players set up this game for themselves. So, it must be one of their favourites too.

2 Technical warm up for tackling

A low impact tackling warm-up which gives the players a chance to embed good techniques.

3 Phil Larder’s side on tackle essentials

One of the original defensive gurus, Phil Larder gives us the template we should judge all our tackling expertise around.

4 Pre-season tackling exercise

Always a go-to activity to revise tackling, but also to build up confidence. Good as a part of a warm up too.

5 Tackle session builder

Progress tackle training to give it context. This allows better transfer into matches.

6 1 v 1 tackling challenges

With an unusual starting position, this has always proved popular with the players. They seem to come back to this one when asked how they would like to practise.

7 Tackle balance

Again, another player favourite. In this case, it seems that the players “get it”, in terms of why they are working the skills around footwork and the best way to bring down the ball carrier.

8 Sitting ducks

This full session increases the players’ decision-making around tackling. It’s not just about making a tackle, it’s choosing when and where. I’ve found it hard to wrap up the final game…they always want more.

9 Precision in the tackle collision

If you are bit of defensive coaching geek, there’s nothing better than having a little extra than most coaches. Some top tips packed in this guide.

10 Tackle good, recover well, tackle again

We love this one, because you love it too. In our top five all-time for hits and likes on Facebook. We think you love it because you know that the game continues after the tackle.

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