Step, cut and break

Beating an opponent with a late change of direction is a priceless skill. As soon as the defender is set to tackle, the last step is key to taking the ball carrier out of his reach and past him into space…

Attacks are finding it harder to find gaps in modern defences. A player who can stand defenders up and beat them with good footwork can break opposition lines.

  1. Place three tackle tubes flat on the ground opposite three attackers.
  2. The attacker runs fast towards the tube and makes a late definitive stride to the side as he rounds the pad.

  1. Next, replace the tackle tube with ruck-pad holders.
  2. Again, the attacker must beat the defender by fixing them and using a late last step.
  3. The pad holders start on the inside of their opposite man and run at an angle to intercept them.

  1. Finally, use a 3 v 3 where the defence hold ruck pads.
  2. The attack has to beat the defence using the stride that takes them away from a set defender.
  3. Any one of the three attackers can make the decisive step and then cut (change the running angle).


  • Run directly at the defender to make him stand on his heels.
  • Once they’re set, move late and wide of the defender by driving off in a definitive stride
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