Build scrum power, even with a small pack

Excellent technique in the scrum often outdoes a larger opposition team. Add to that a cohesive effort and your scrum should deliver clean ball when it matters.

Though the scrum laws have changed a lot in the last few years, the principles of scrummaging remain the same:

  • A strong body shape that can withstand pressure.
  • A stable base with the feet to drive forward.
  • Good binds that connect players but don’t compromise the body shape.
  • Moving together as an eight.

Your scrum sessions will have some important elements, which are outlined in What happens in a great scrummaging session. The key is that the players understand the different situations that they might find themselves in during a match.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to speak to lots of top scrummagers. For example, Andrew Millward wasn’t the largest prop to play professional rugby but was part of a very successful era at the Ospreys in Wales. He shares some of his top tips in Five secrets of the front row.

Think tactically about playing with a smaller pack, as international sides like Japan have done. Here are some ways to Play with a small pack.

And finally, think about mixing up your scrummaging session with an activity called ruck, scrum, ruck, which aims to give a more game realistic session for your players.

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