Ruck, ruck and ruck again

Step up from rucking hard to ruck decision making in this three-channel exercise that works on go forward and continuity while developing offload skills.


Why use it

This focuses on the clearance of the ball in close ruck situations, developing continuity and offload skills once players have broken a tackle or got in behind a defender.


Set up

Balls, cones, three 15m channels – one 5m wide, one 10m wide and one 15m wide. Tackle suits and ruck pads are optional.

Ruck, ruck and ruck again

How to do it

Play 6v4 in the 5m channel (see picture 1). Start with 9 passing to the first player who takes contact and goes to ground when told to by support players.


After the clearance, attackers ruck to the end of the channel. Any knock-ons or going out of the channel mean a restart from the beginning.


At the end, turn into the 10m and 15m channels where players look to offload, pass and ruck.


• Attack space with good leg drive (see picture 2B).

• Land on the ball using the “score the try technique”

• Good presentation, getting the ball as far away from the body as possible (see picture 2A).

• Clear out accurately over the top of the ball.

• In wider channels, use good footwork and work arms free to offload (see pictures 2C and 2D).

• Defend as a four or with three ruck pads and a tackle suit (see pictures 3A and 3B)


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