Are you ready for match day?

With your first match of the season just around the corner, is your team tactically and mentally prepared? Here are some guidelines for your final planning to ensure your players make the most of the effort they’ve put in during pre-season.

First, you need to consider the last part of your final session with the players. What do you need to cover to make sure everything is in place? With so much to think about there’s a chance you might miss something – don’t worry, we have a session guide so you are Match ready in 30 minutes.

You will be excited and nervous, and so will the players. We have tips on how to manage those nerves, and Help players cope with match day pressure.

When it comes to the actual day, here are 10 ways to make a difference. You might be doing some of them, which is great. But you will find there are some areas that you might want to rethink.

Finally, the first kick of the game sets the tone for what’s come. We have a technical template to follow to make sure it lands in the right place for your team to get the sort of attacking start you want. Read all about it in The drop kick: Four steps to getting your match off to a perfect start.

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