Pace onto the clearing pass in three steps – ideal for U9, U10 and U11s

Create good habits in attack by creating a smooth transition from tackled player to supporting player.

1: Tackled player places the ball cleanly. 2: The clearing passer picks and passes immediately: 3: The supporting player calls and runs onto the pass.

  1. A ball carrier runs into the box, over the middle cone.
  2. He then goes to ground and presents the ball back towards his own team.
  3. The next player picks and passes the ball to the supporting player.
  4. The supporting player runs to the side where there’s space.

  1. In the meantime, when the ball carrier goes to ground, a defender steps either into the left or the right side of the box.
  2. This is the channel that the supporting player wants to avoid.
  3. The players run through and repeat going back the other way, with the defender going to the other end of the box.
  4. Swap roles.
  5. Then swap the defender after four goes
  6. Technically: The pass should be in front of the receiver, while the receiver waits until the passer has bent over the ball before he accelerates forward.

  1. Develop by having a tackler on his knees on the centre line.
  2. Repeat but now the ball carrier has to take the tackle.
  3. The supporting player has to beat the defender.


  • Place after falling and place back towards your own try line.
  • Sit over the ball as the clearing player, pick up and pass based on your supporting player’s call.
  • Supporting player: Look for the gap, call for the ball and run forward when the clearing passer picks up the ball.
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