Move and tackle together

All defensive patterns require strong communication and an ability to work together as a line. Use this folding defence activity to get groups of players filling in and coming forward to tackle side-on.

It will help three or more players become actively involved in the tackle process while also developing communication skills.

  1. Put a defender at one end of the Z-shaped cone pattern and an attacker in front of the middle of the end cones.
  2. Put at least three of these together in a line . On “go”, the defender goes sideways and then forwards quickly.

  1. When he reaches the cone in front of him, the attacker moves forward and the defender makes a side-on tackle.
  2. Swap the attacker and defender and repeat.
  3. Then shift cones, so players are working from the other side.

  1. Develop with an overload game of 3 defenders v 5 attackers, with the defenders running into the box from the side.
  2. As they do this, the attack moves forward on your command.
  3. Starting the defenders from the side allows more side-on tackles to occur.
  4. By using different-coloured cones, you can alter the entry points of defenders to vary the difficulty of achieving tackles against an attack.


  • Move forward together.
  • Keep communicating that you’re in position.
  • Side-on tackle – head behind the shorts, tight grip, drive the feet.
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