Supporting at pace


Make players aware of the importance of support

  1. Place two cones 3m apart and a ruck pad another 3m on. Place a ball next to the cone nearest the ruck pad. Position two players to the side, roughly in line with the ruck pad.
  2. When you say “go”, the players each 1 run around one of the cones.
  3. The player who runs round the cone nearest the ruck pad picks up the ball, runs to the ruck pad, steps to one side of the pad and then stops as if held.

Supporting at pace 1

  1. Meanwhile, the player who runs round the far cone runs towards the ruck pad to support the ball carrier. He shapes his run to the other side of the pad and then calls for the pass from the ball carrier.
  2. The support player must have his hands up, be running at pace and angle in from the correct side of the pad to take the pass. The activity finishes when the pass has been taken. Repeat with the roles reversed.
  3. Develop by swapping the ruck pad for a defender. The ball carrier steps to one side of the defender (who must follow the ball carrier), and then passes to the support player.

Supporting at pace 2

You will need

  • A 6m x 4m area with a line at 1m
  • 1 ball
  • Cones
  • 1 ruck pad

Got more players?

Players can line up to take their turn, or you can set out other cones and pads for players to use.

What to tell your players

“Turn the shoulders to pass”
“Call for the ball”
“Get your hands up to receive the pass”

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