Drop-out pressure game

Challenge your players to work out better ways to use the 22m drop-out as a way of pressurising the opposition. This fun game promotes accurate kicking, hard chasing and role understanding.

The game rewards good decisions and skill execution around the 22m set piece.

  1. The team of 12 (the “attack”) takes a total of 10 kicks, which must land in one of the four zones (marked with cones).
  2. Kicks not landing in a zone are retaken.

  1. The teams compete for the ball.
  2. A regained, clean ball is worth two points to that side.
  3. If the attack can’t gain possession, they must win it back. For every 30 secs the defence have the ball, they gain a point. So they’ll want to play “possession” rugby.
  4. If the attack wins the ball and makes at least 20m with a kick, they earn two points.
  5. Any mistake (a knock-on or penalty offence) results in a point to the other side.

  1. Allocate roles to the chasers


For the kicker

  • Kicks to zones 2, 3 and 4 should be in the air for 3-4s
  • Kicks to zone 1 are low and short. Only use if the defence doesn’t cover that space

Chasers/support runners

  • Kicks to zones 2, 3 and 4 should see players arrive as the ball falls, with at least one ahead of it for a tap back.
  • The defensive line follows up in line.
  • The 9 and kicker should trail behind to cover an opposition chip kick or break.
  • Cover the back-three spots to stop a long territory kick
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