Drills to beef up your core skills

We love games. But drills are still good. And if you want to get lots of repetitions in, so the players have lots of goes, then these drills are great ways to beef up your core skills.

They follow the idea that it should be “repetition without repetition”. In other words, the players are not doing exactly the same every go. They will have to make small adjustments each time they run through an exercise.

Starting with a passing exercise, the idea here is to keep the passers spaced out. However, they shouldn’t be in a completely regular line and they will face different obstacles as they run forward. That means working on their timing and their awareness, as well as delivering accurate passes.

Moving on to contact, we start with the T for tackle drill. You could start this one with just a two-hand touch tackle, to focus on footwork. Then, after that, it becomes a tackle decision-making exercise.

The next activity looks at defending around the edge of rucks, especially useful when you are protecting your try line against sides that “pick and go”. I’ve found my players have loved this exercise because there’s plenty of rough-and-tumble and even the less confident folk get involved.

Finally, there’s a rucking drill to boost the core skills when players need to drive out low defenders. Again, it’s low impact and concentrates more on the technique than players trying to out-muscle their opposite numbers.

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