Draw and pass to score

Create overlaps by coaching players to race “around the corner” just before the ball is delivered, giving the defence little time to react and get organised. The aim is to put the strike runner away.

The “draw and pass” is often severely underrated as an attacking tool to create space for a speedy strike runner.

  1. Put three attackers and three defenders at the side of the box.
  2. A strike runner waits at the end of the last channel.

  1. On “go”, the attackers run around their corner cone in an L-shaped line and into separate channels – the first player around the cone goes to the furthest channel.
  2. The 9 feeds the ball once there’s an attacker in channel 1.
  3. Meanwhile, the defenders do the same, running around the blue cone before squaring and advancing in their own channels.
  4. The attackers must run and pass to get the ball to the strike runner before they’re touched by the defenders.
  5. The strike runner should be at full pace when he takes the final pass.
  6. No miss passes are allowed.

  1. Develop by secretly telling one of the defenders to offer a “weak shoulder” (that is, he faces the touchline) so the attack can either pass or cut in to beat the vulnerable defender.


  • L-shaped runs to straighten up.
  • Outside runner holds run to arrive on the ball at pace.
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