Tackle at the right height

U11–U12 | DEFENCE 3

Get players engaging with the shoulder first in the tackle then driving firmly at the shorts or thigh

  1. Set up a 10m square area with 1m coned gates in the centre at both ends. Put an attacker and a defender in the middle of the area by a red cone, facing their own coned gates. Place a blue cone 3m to one side of the red cone and a green cone 3m to the other side.

Tackle at the right height 1

  1. On your call of “go”, the players run to their gate and then back towards the middle. As they begin their return, you call a colour cone, here “green”. The attacker runs to that cone and then aims to continue across the area to score, while the defender aims to tackle him sideon and low at the cone.

Tackle at the right height 2

  1. Once both players have made a number of correct side-on tackles, bring the middle cone into play. When you call “red”, the ball carrier goes straight, forcing the defender into a front-on tackle.

Tackle at the right height 3

Making a side on tackle

Making a front on tackle

You will need

  • A 10m square area
  • 1 ball
  • Coloured cones
  • Bibs (optional)

Got more players?

Line up other players ready for their go – it’s good for players to watch their team mates as they can learn from each other’s mistakes.

What to tell your players

“Sight the target area early”
“Close down the space quickly”

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