Defence comms

U13–U16 | DEFENCE 8

Get players used to filling in defensively and coming forward to tackle

  1. Set our four cones in a Z-shaped pattern with 2m between each cone. Put a defender at one end and an attacker 2m in front of the Z on the opposite side, between the end and middle cones.

Defence comms 1

  1. Put at least three of these Zs together in a line (this simulates players working together in defence).
  2. When you say “go”, the defender runs sideways to the next cone and then forward quickly.

Defence comms 2

  1. When the defender reaches the cone in front of him, the attacker moves forward and the defender makes a side-on tackle.

Defence comms 3

  1. Swap attacker and defender and repeat. Then shift cones, so the players are working from the other side.

Defence comms 4

  1. Develop with an overload game of three defenders v five attackers in a 20m x 25m area. The defenders run forward from the side and then into the area. As they run into the box, the attackers move forward on your command.
  2. Add in different colour cones to vary the entry points of the three defenders so that you can increase or decrease the difficulty of achieving the tackles against an attack.

Defence comms 5

You will need

  • A row of cones in Z shapes and a 20m x 25m area for the development game
  • 1 ball for each Z
  • Cones
  • Bibs

Got more players?

Set up another row of Zs

What to tell your players

“Move forward together
“Keep communicating that you are in position”
“Make a side-on tackle – head behind the shorts, tight grip, drive the feet”

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