Buster ball from quick rucks

When you dent their line and win a quick ruck, it pays to have a play in your locker to make a decisive break while they’re recovering their shape. Have your 9 run off the forwards with this “loop and give”.

This back play exploits a defence struggling to get back in position from your break and quick recycle.

  1. Set up an attacking 9, 10, two forwards (F) and another runner (R) against five defenders.
  2. Each defender stands by a cone, with the attackers opposite.
  3. When you shout “go”, the defenders get onside using the ruck pad as the offside line.
  4. The attackers realign, with two forwards moving wide (say, 8m from the ruck) and the 10 getting in behind them.

  1. The 9 clears the ball to the furthest forward, who runs slightly inwards.
  2. Depending on how the defence reacts, this forward can go himself, pass inside or pass to the 9 running around on the loop.

  1. Ideally, the 9 gets the ball and straightens before passing to the 10 or going himself.
  2. He can also pass to the runner.
  3. Develop by adjusting the starting positions.
  4. If the attack is struggling, reduce the number of defenders.


  • The wide forward must be ahead of the inside forward.
  • Take the ball to the line.
  • Keep square when running with the ball – don’t slide across the pitch.
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