Multiple options backs move

Instead of having lots of different plays, have one play with lots of different options. It makes it simple to practise, remember and easier to execute on match days. Here’s how to set it up…

With this play, the defending team has the problem of identifying the strike player. Each attacking player must expect the ball.

  1. The first receiver makes a lateral run, dummy switching with the inside centre and popping the ball to the outside centre.
  2. He also has the option of passing the ball behind the outside centre to the fourth player who has made a run from the blindside.
  3. Players can swap roles, however it will work better if you keep the same first receiver in place each time.
  4. NOTE: It’s best to identify who the preferred strike runner is for each run.
  5. Start at jogging pace as players understand their roles and running lines.

  1. Develop by adding opponents (who are 5-10m away from the attackers).

  1. Then add in a full back line with a third option of passing to a full back on an angled run.


  • Time your run from first pass, not from the player inside you.
  • Attack the line hard, expecting the ball.
  • Pass the ball into the path of the next receiver as he attacks the gap.
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