Miss one, blindside wing insert move

Attack wide by holding their midfield defenders to create an extra man on the outside. Ideal from a lineout as well as a scrum, check the detail to make the most of a possible break.

Earn the right to go wide from first phase by holding up their midfield defence. The dummy runners and blindside winger in particular need to time their runs.

  1. From a set piece on one side of the pitch, have a full backline facing a defending flanker, 10, 12, 13 and openside winger.
  2. They will run a drift defence. 9 passes to 10 who goes up and then across.


  1. He passes to 13, missing 12. 12 looks to take the pass, but as soon as he is missed out, he runs forward and through their defensive line to connect with the outside players.
  2. 13 takes the miss pass, engages his defender and then passes back and behind 15 to the 14.
  3. 15 runs a hard angle in towards their 13 before getting just outside him to block 13 and stop him shifting out on a drift.

  1. 14 runs late and then around the back of 15 to take the pass and engage their 14.
  2. He passes out to 11, who has remained wide.


  • All the players should be in motion to engage their defenders.
  • Any player who has been “missed” should aim to connect with the break.
  • In the practice, have a defensive 15 in place to beat in a 2 v 1.
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