U9 U10 Gate chase

Youth rugby: Gate chase

Get players used to drawing a defender towards them and then making a pass inside to a support player.

1. Divide your players into groups of three. Make two players in each group attackers and the other a defender.

2. Put two attackers on one side of the area and a defender on the other side. Give one attacker a ball.

3. When you say “go”, the attacker with the ball races to the outside of one of the cones. He aims to get level with or past the cone before the defender reaches him and then pass the ball inside to the second attacker who is running in support.

4. The defender aims to tackle the ball carrier before he can pass the ball. If he does, then the defender has won that bout.

5. The supporting attacker aims to take the pass through the middle of the cones and sprint to the other side of the area to score. Once through, the next group go.

This exercise is from EasiCoach Rugby Skills Activities U9-U10. For more information on my EasiCoach series click here.

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