From basics to tactics

Work on core passing skills and decision making in quick succession. Make sure players continue to develop their basics and tactical awareness. An ideal session to rebuild confidence or even for pre-season.


  1. Four players stand and pass up and down the line in a 10m square


  1. Call out a name or letter. That player runs back, around two cones and defends
  2. The ball carrier runs to a corner and feeds the other two players for a 2v1



  1. Two pairs attack one end for a 4v2
  2. The other attackers become defenders, and the defenders move to the side
  3. On a try, infringement or tackle, the attacking pair that started without the ball, gather it and attack the other end, joining up with a fresh pair in the middle



  • In a 10m square, put four players in a line 2m apart 3m from one end. They pass the ball along the line left and right.
  • Then shout out a name (or letter) and that player turns and runs around two of the cones behind before re-entering the box to act as a defender.
  • The player in possession of the ball runs to one of the corners, puts the ball on the ground and feeds one of the other two players who have run to the end of the box in front of them.
  • They then perform a 2v1. Swap middle and outside players and then repeat the passing game as before, calling out a different letter or name.


  • In a 20m x 10m box, split into pairs. Put two pairs in the middle 2m area, one starting with the ball. There is a pair at either end of the box and one at the side.
  • The middle two pairs attack one end (use either touch or full tackling) with the pair at that end coming forward to defend. Allowing no rucks or mauls, the 4v2 finishes either with a try, infringement or tackle in possession.
  • When this happens, the original pair with the ball become defenders at the end they were attacking, the attacking pair who started without the ball gather the ball and attack towards the other end, with a new pair of attackers joining from the side of the middle.
  • The defenders from the previous attack move to the side as spares.
  • Continue so that each pair attacks at least four times.
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